Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who's Out on Berkely Island Today?

Who was out and about on Berkeley Island Today?

 The day was perfect for wind surfing

A Plastic Cup Boy(z) Reflecting

 A Biker Dude Reflecting

Goat on a Roof Reflecting

Perhaps they are all reflecting on this.

Now that's a Sunset
Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Monday February 18 1929
Home all day.  Baby little feverish.  I have the cold.  Rosalie and Billy came from school. Both late. All alone evening. Bed early.


  1. That little goat is so cute. I wonder why it was on a roof...

  2. WOW!!!!!  That's all I can say - well, no, I can say more - I LOVE the sunset image - too cool!  and the reflecting people.  Do you know how good you are at photo story telling???????
    Can you please tell me again what kind of camera you are using?  You have such a good eye for the photos and then you put them together in such a clever way.  You are my photo role model.

  3. Some more music for my eyes, thank you so very much.  Your photos are extraordinary.

    On a different topic, I just came from Tangled Lou's site; you response was so much better than mine.  I feel that by making it a public issue, it puts me under a cloud, along with everyone else.  I like sunshine, so what the heck?  I will go where the sun shines.  Your advice about calling out the person(s), as opposed to putting everyone in the shadow, is so on point.  Thank you for the calm voice of reason.

  4. I love, love, love the goat. And the punchline of the sunset was great, too!

  5. Love you photos, story and the goat!!!!

  6. Thanks.  As were pulling away, after I took the pictures of the black goat, a little white goat jumped up on the roof.  I wish we would have turned the car around to get a pic of both of them. 

  7. I am enjoying my new found photography hobby so much.  
    As far as TL's post, I found it so interesting that everyone who responded thought she was pointing the finger at them.  I found it even more interesting  that everyone who responded except for one or two, found it necessary to apologize, just in case she was talking about them.  I kinda giggled when I read some of the responses.  

  8. Thanks!  I get a kick out of it.  I wish I could draw or paint.  This satisfies the need to capture what I see.
    The camera I am using is a Cannon Powershot SX40HS.  The kids got it for me for Christmas.  I call it my "I Love My New Camera Thanks Kids" (ILMNCTK) camera.