Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogging is My Teacher

     I was introduced to the blogging world via the online knitting and crocheting community Raverly.  I am a member of two blogging groups on that site.  The members of the groups communicate via forums specific for their group.
     I made a "grand entrance" on one of the forums when I initiated a discussion regarding an announcement that President Obama made on May 1, 2011.
This was my post:
My blog today is about my reaction to President Obama’s announcement last night.  What was yours?
Here is a link to my blog My Reaction.
     At the time, I had little experience with forums and no experience with forums on Ravelry.  The forums have reactions boxes:  "educational" "interesting" "funny" "agree" "disagree" "love". As soon as I posted the above statement, I received a disagree.  It was soon followed by nine other disagrees.
     So I asked the following question:
"I am curious about the disagree that this post received. And I wonder if it is because my post does not relate to knitting/crocheting? Should the subjects on this blogging forum concentrate only on those specific areas?
This is a forum etiquette question."
      The moderator responded that this particular forum was for discussions about blogging and was not the venue to "advertise" an individual's blog posts.  I was also informed that:
"... you may feel that it is an important topic for discussion, but this is surely why you have a blog? If you want to bring your discussion to a wider group than the readers of your blog and wish to do this on Ravelry, then there are a number of political and current affairs discussion groups that will love to have that discussion with you. but as the subject is not one of blogging, then this really is not the right place for this topic."
     Even though my post went against the policy of the group's forum, it did get quite a decent response. There were 208 readers and 34 responses to the post.  And that was what I intended, to start a dialogue, which is what I thought a forum was supposed to do. 
     From then on I made sure that I stayed within the confines of the rules of that forum.
    But I did find another group on Ravelry that is not as restrictive and allows their members to post links to their blog entries daily if they choose to do so.
     After about 7 months of sharing my blog with only the members of my Ravelry blogging group, I started to get a little claustrophobic.   I heard about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) and joined BlogHer.
    I still drop in on my Ravelry blogging forums now and then.  But BlogHer seems to be a better fit for me.  
     I started "Lynda Grace An Hour Away" to help me cope during my son's battle with colon cancer.
One of things I have learned while writing this blog is that words flow with ease when I am filled with emotion or am passionate about the subject of a post.
    Writing every day is a challenge.  I admit that inspiration for passionate and emotional posts may not always come easily.   I find, though, that trying to come up with daily writing material  forces me to be more aware of this world I live in.  More importantly, I have learned so much about...well about LyndaGrace. My teacher? This blogging community that I feel privileged and happy to be part of.
     I have to add Ravelry is a wonderful website.  It is approaching it's 2 millionth member, which should happen within the next 5 days.  I am a frequent visitor and am excited to be part of the 2 million celebration.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Wed. February 27 1929
Met Frances for lunch at Bambs.  Shopped. Met Jewel at five to go to Tacks to look at setting for her stone from Rick.  Walked home to 360 from down town. Junior there for supper.


  1. We  reveal so much of ourselves through our writing, I wonder if it would it be comfortable or uncomfortable to meet a fellow blogger in person. 

  2. I'm so glad you found BlogHer so I could find you. As you know, I'm a little in love with our little blogging community too.

  3. I checked out the A to Z Challenge.  I liked it so I signed up.  My goal will be to try to read a few of the other blogs each day.

  4. I've just passed my three-year anniversary in blogging and I've learnt such a lot through interacting with other people. Some bloggers I regard as friends, though I've only met one in 'real' life. Others are pleasant acquaintances while others visit only occasionally - like life, really, but from the comfort of one's own home.

  5. I have had a blog now for almost three years but it is only fairly recently that I have started interacting with the blogging community.  Before Mark entered the scene, I was just a voice in my own little world.  When Mark came along, somehow it expanded my blog world too.  I really appreciate the discussions and the reactions, one way or another.  I like learning from other bloggers.
    I would love to write every day but I won't put that task on myself - not while I am working full time.  I am planning to do the A to Z Challenge in April and you will see daily posts (some of which will have been written prior to the date).  I also would like to go out photo hunting on a daily basis.  How cool would that be?