Sunday, August 2, 2020

100 Pairs of Shorties - A Hopeful Attainable Goal

100 Pairs of Shorties

When word of the first case of Covid19 was announced in the USA, I subconsciously, I suppose,  instinctively understood that we were in for a long and difficult road ahead. 

Coincidentally I started a long term project about the same time as the Covid19 lockdown happened.  Yes,  I believe the idea came to me around the middle of March.

It seemed to be an outrageous goal and hardly obtainable.   In fact, at first, it was an idle, off-the-cuff musing. 

When the first of my project was completed I posted a pic of it on Instagram with what has since become the beginning of a goal noted by the hashtag  #100pairofshorties. 

What is a shortie?   A shortie is another name for an ankle sock.  Ankle socks may also be known as:

These shorties are hand knit socks.  Hand knit by me. 

There is something soothing and purposeful about knitting these little socks.  For one thing I can start and finish a pair in less than one week.   Secondly, they only use a small amount of yarn.  That's a good thing because I have an ample amount of small amounts of yarn. 

Besides my obvious love of knitting I have found the most meaningful benefit of creating each pair is  mindfully and at the same time mindlessly working towards attaining the goal of knitting 100 pairs.

This may sound strange to some, especially non-creators, and more especially non-knitters, but for me it's an exciting project.  

Why exciting?  Because as with any goal, it requires a belief in a future time.   

When I think about that future time when I have attained my #100pairofshorties goal I think of a hopeful time, a peaceful time, a time when I can safely visit friends and loved ones with perhaps a handknit gift to give. 

If you want to follow my progress click on this link