Monday, February 20, 2012

Losing Ideas Thru Marriage - What Did Anna Mean by That?

As I post entries from Anna's diary each day, I am reminded of the diary I kept as a teenager.  To maintain my privacy I wrote in my diary using Gregg shorthand.  I don't know what happened to that diary, but I wish I had it today.  I remember that I was faithful to Dear Diary and it was the last thing I did before I went to sleep each night.  I am sure it was filled with goopy stuff about my boyfriend.  It must have also had lots of complaints about how strict my parents were, especially when it came to spending time with my boyfriend.
I have started keeping a journal on my computer and have faithfully posted in it since Jan. 1 2012.  Perhaps in 2095 someone will have found an old Mac Book Air with Journal entries from someone named Lynda G.  And perhaps that same someone will share those entries with the world or perhaps with those folks living on that other planet.
What do you think the latest and greatest form of communication everyone will be using  83 years from now?

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Wed. February 20, 1929
Received phone call from Jean I. to come over.  Came about eleven until 4:30.  Had lunch with me and an enjoyable long talk.  Losing so many of her ideas thru marriage.

[I am so curious about what she meant by that last sentence.  What ideas?  Who is losing those ideas?  Did she mean that she(Anna) was losing ideas or was she referring to her friend Jean?]


  1. I wonder if she meant "ideals" rather than "ideas"? Maybe marriage wasn't turning out the way she expected?

  2. Maybe Jean feels marriage is not intellectually stimulating enough, and she feels like her brain isn't coming up with ideas because she's so bored?

  3. I also kept a diary from the time I was 11 years old until the day before I was married for the first time (at barely 19).  I wrote in it every night - I was compulsive even then - and sometimes wrote in mirror image lest someone  find and read the diary.  I do still have them ( there were three over those years) but haven't looked at them in years.  I find it interesting that the last entry was the day before that wedding day, as if I knew that my life had changed.  Well, of course it had , but why did I need to stop keeping a diary?  I actually then turned to the more sophisticated journal and wrote in a bound notebook for the next couple of years.  After the demise of the marriage, I chose to destroy those bound notebooks - painful times.  

    agreed - interesting comment about losing ideas through marriage.  I think she is talking about her friend Jean - I bet Jean is now focused on married life and maybe has become less independent?

  4. I love the entries you post every day from Anna, especially how frequently the game of bridge comes up.  And as far as what form of communication will be used in 83 years?  My guess is for status to remain quo.  :)

  5. Yes, maybe she did mean ideals.  Perhaps more will be revealed as the days go by.

  6. I think that is so neat that you still have the diaries, from a happier time, that is. I wonder how you feel about sharing those with your children.  

    I divorced my first husband after 27 years of marriage.  That was 15 years ago.  Every once in a while he will send me something that he found, while cleaning out a closet or drawer.  One of the funniest was a "honey do" list.  You know things like, replace kitchen floor, paint bedroom, fix leaky faucet, etc.  I received the list in the mail 8-9 years after our divorce.  Each item on the list had been checked off with a note which read: "finished!".

  7. I liked the visiting that goes on.  I picture Anna opening the door,  greeting her guests. I can see them around the table.  I can almost hear the voices and imagine the conversation and perhaps a little gossip as they sit around the table having tea or playing bridge. 

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