Monday, February 13, 2012

House Hunting on Mallard Island LBI New Jersey

I don't know where the day goes.  We needed to get out of the house for a little fresh air.

Mallard Island 
Mallard Island Foot Bridge

I wonder how House Hunters would depict these three properties located on Mallard Island.

House No. 1

It has potential we could make it our own.  No walk in closets, but it does have a nice front porch.

House No. 2

I love all of the windows, the natural light, but the kitchen is a little outdated...wait a minute, is there a kitchen?
House No. 2 is way over our budget, but it does have two boats.  That could provide us with extra income to make up the difference.

House No. 3

It's a little small, but we could make it work.

And it does come with its own dock.
I guess this is the one
The location is perfect.  We could walk into town to get dinner at Blacky's Clams.

From an article in Philadelphia Magazine
"CLAMS   Backing up to the Barnegat Bay watershed, just across the bridge from LBI, the squall-and-salt-air-worn shack that’s home to Blacky’s Clams has wholesaled three, and only three, takeout items for as long as anyone can remember. Fresh and local littlenecks, topnecks and chowders represent five generations of the clamming Paul family’s trade. The only thing they sell but don’t harvest: lemons.  1128 East Bay Avenue, 609-597-4260."

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Wed. February 13 1929
Club met at Elizabeth M's. Ash Wed. Had shrimp salad & Pie. Belleville Club met at night at Valerie B's. Forgot to bring my sewing.  Served a lovely spread.  Home 12.


  1. You enjoy the most interesting outings!  You are expanding my awareness of NJ -  honestly, I never gave much thought to it except that people who work in NYC sometimes live in NJ - right?  All these places you have visited lately - how close are they to your home?  are  we talking 20 minutes or 2 hours?
    I've seen that program House Hunters - what a terrific spoof on that show!  How do you get these ideas?  I want your creativity!

  2. Your "new" house does sort of resemble the one in your title page,  "Lynda Grace an hour away…"  Just what Ross needs, a little fixer-upper.  We like to call it job security.

  3. All of the places we have visited are within 20 minutes of our home.  We have lived here 10 years and it took my new camera to open up my eyes to the beauty practically outside of our front door.   It also helps me to cope.  When the sadness gets to be overwhelming, I take my camera and we go. 

  4. I get hungry every few hours, Ross cooks, another bit of job security.

  5. That last one MIGHT be in my price range, if it weren't for that incredibly useful dock included with the property. Love the photos, as always.