Sunday, February 26, 2012

Second Cousins Once Removed

This weekend Bella came to visit for a sleep over at Grandma's and Pop-Pop's.
Saturday afternoon we went to visit Aunt Dee.  Aunt Dee's grandchildren were visiting her.

I tried to figure out what the relationship was between my grandchildren and Aunt Dee's grandchildren.
My granddaughter Bella and Aunt Dee's grandchildren Nicky and TJ share the same descendent, my grandmother who is Aunt Dee's mother, Rachela.   Rachela is Nicky and TJ's great grandmother.  She is Bella's great-great grandmother. 

After a google search I came across this neat tool called the  Cousin Calculator.  By using it I found out that Bella, Nicky and Ty are 2nd cousins once removed.
TJ Bella and Nicky
Bella and Nicky were born a few weeks apart and they haven't seen each other since they were babies.  This was the first time that Bella and TJ have met.   I think they sensed the connection they shared because they became instant pals.

Today we took Bella with us on one of our photo shoots.   

Ross always the teacher.

Our Budding Photographer

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Tues. February 26 1929
Home. Rained Madly. Rae came for lunch.  Elsie and Minie over after lunch. Went home 5:30.  I went to club at Helen C.'s.  Flo V. drove me home.


  1. Love the photos, as always and everyone looks like they had a great time. I have also stumbled across the Cousin Calculator doohickey when one of my nieces was asking me how first, second, etc and the "removeds" were figured out. I had always wondered but it took her asking to motivate me to look around for the answer.

  2. Whoa!  Those three little kids are entirely too cute!  And they look like they are related.  I will have to check out the cousin calculator link as I would like to, just for fun, figure out what some of the relationships in my extended family are.  How are my children related to my cousins' children, for instance.  Will have to do that tonight after work.
    Also, gotta say, I like that name Double Trouble for a state park.  It is up there with Humbug Mountain State Park - a beautiful coastal park in Oregon - I camped there over 35 years ago and I still remember both the name and the park.

    and , don't you love it?  It rained. Madly.