Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Love Sue and Kelly

     Every three or four weeks, Ross and I treat ourselves to Sue and Kelly.   We spend hours getting ready for their visit.  I start to get anxious the night before.  Ross is much more laid back about it.
"Don't worry," he says.  "We will get it all done before they get here.  Don't we always?"
I do worry, though.  I want everything to be perfect.
The were scheduled to arrive around 10:00 a.m.
Before we went to sleep last night, Ross mapped out our plan of attack for the morning.
"We should set the alarm for 7:00," I say.
     No time for our usual leisurely routine this morning.
     My tasks were the bathroom, bedrooms, and living room.  Ross tackled the kitchen.  By 9:30 we were done.  As I waited for Ross to finish with his shower, I settled in front of the computer with my cup of tea.
I wondered what the girls would do today.  They have not disappointed us so far, and I expect nothing less on this visit.
     Just as I was getting ready to read one of my favorite blogs, Chalk Cottage Knitting, (happy one year blogiversary by the way) the door bell rang.  They were early!  I yelled for Ross to let him know that he had to hurry and finish getting dressed.
     I opened the door to let the girls in.  After they greeted a barking Rico, they asked if we were satisfied after their last visit.  We assured them that we were.   Then they asked if we wanted them to do anything special this time.
"No, we said."  "Just do your usual thing."
Ross said, "You know Lynda is not that easy to please."  We have tried others, but you are the first pair to get it just right."
     As Sue went in one direction and Kelly in the other, the dust started to fly and they were right there to pick it up.  I love the hum of a vacuum cleaner, especially when someone else is pushing it.
     That's right Sue and Kelly are house cleaning technicians. Okay, the cleaning ladies.
     And yes, I do clean before the cleaning ladies come.
     And yes, even though Ross questions the sanity of doing such a thing, he goes along with it, because     just like the Sue and Kelly, Ross aims to please.
     I love Sue and Kelly.  They are the best!
     For the record, I do have a method to my madness.  I figure the more time we spend straightening up, the more time Sue and Kelly can devote to the heavy cleaning.  I mean why should they spend time picking up Ross' socks, when their time could be put to much better use, like washing Rico's footprints off of my beautiful hardwood floors.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Friday February 22 1929
Washington's birthday.  Jean home.  Went to 360 about twelve by trolley as weather bad. There all noon.   Left Junior over night and went to a bridge at Marion's. Peg and Ann J. home for night with me.

Trolly in Newark, NJ 1929


  1. This is too much!  I KNEW where you were going by the time you were going to bed!  It's b/c I do the same thing.  When Adriana is scheduled to come here (every three or four weeks) I spend time the night before and I get up early to do that prep to which you refer.  And for the exact same reason.  I want her to spend her time doing that serious dusting or bathroom cleaning and I don't want her to a) waste time moving things out of the way and b) waste time doing anything unessential.  So I go around before she gets there and empty all trash, start laundry (she will put new sheets on the bed and will wash the bathroom rugs) put away any dishes that are on the counter, clear off the dining room and kitchen tables (sometimes that means I take a laundry basket and merely swoop everything into it until I can put the stuff away on the weekend), set out the watering can (to remind her as well about watering the house plants) and lots of other little items.  Sometimes I get irritated with the prep but to walk into a clean house at 4:30 in the afternoon is so worth it.

  2. Too funny......I have done the same thing when I had help cleaning! I could never understand it when my mother did it, but I learned.

  3. My mother always does that as well, I used to think it was weird, but I think I see the logic in it now!

  4. I have never had cleaning help, never really wanted it.  But everyone I know who has help, does the same thing.  To that I say what's the point?  Now I would take a driver.  I would LOVE to have a driver.

  5. The point is, Gina, I only have so much money to spend on cleaning help and I want that help to be the most effective.  I can more easily empty trash and go through clutter than I can clean out showers and clean windows or deal with the vacuum cleaner.  I get you on wanting a driver though.  Fortunately for me, I can accomplish many errands on foot or bicycle.

  6. I want a Sue and Kelly!   I hate cleaning, but hate a messy house more!   And I totally get that you would clean before they got there :)

  7. Ohh cleaning before the cleaning ladies come...I know it well. You are very much like your sister. :) Also, I'd love to get some knitting lessons from you...I had some last year (you probably remember) but I didn't really stick with it because I was making mistakes and never really learned how to fix them/improve. I have 1.5 months off this summer before I start my clinical internship, so maybe we can set up a day of the week that I can come to you and we can have a little knitting session?? Anyway, thinking of you, and I love the entries from Anna's diary.

  8. I would sooooo be cleaning before the cleaning ladies came. And even then, I might still be afraid... ;)

  9. As I said Sue and Kelly are the best!  You should try it.  You'd feel pampered. 

  10. Of course, it is perfectly logical.  See moms know best :)

  11. Sam, that sounds like a plan.  Let's make a date.   Knitting is a stress buster, really.  The repetitive motion is relaxing and sort of mind numbing.  
    The diary is very interesting.  I might even let you read ahead when you visit.  
    Love ya!

  12. I have to say, Ross does all of the driving.  In a couple of weeks, though, he is going to have his right shoulder operated on.  So, I guess I will be behind the wheel for a change.

  13. Yes, it really does make sense to me and now I know I am not alone. 

  14. That's funny that we both do that.  One of the other things I hate doing is watering my plants.  So that's the secret, huh?  I have to set out the watering can.  I wonder if Sue and Kelly will get the hint if I do that.