Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Do I Know?

I am here in bed with my laptop, looking at the clock.  It's 10:55 p.m.   So far I have kept my commitment to blog everyday in February.  But tonight, I have nothing.  Well, I guess I could pretend that I am an expert on some topic that I pick out of thin air and then google that topic so that I have some kind of facts to back up my expertness.   But I have never done that before and I can't do that tonight just to fill up the page so that I can get a post in before the witching hour. 
I am a little discouraged that I really don't have an expertise in anything.  
I write a blog, but I'm sure that my posts are filled with grammatical errors.  I wish I had a more extensive vocabulary.  Metaphors or analogies don't flow easily, if ever at all. 
I knit and crochet, but I am far from an expert. When I look for a pattern, I make sure that I seek one which has a difficulty rating of easy to medium easy. 
I love to take photographs, but I know know nothing about shutter speeds, composition, apertures, exposure or lighting.  
Okay, I said I wouldn't do it but I had to google "photography terms" to come up with that previous list.
When I was employed my job was to support our e-mail system.  So if someone wasn't getting their e-mail I would have to figure out why.  Or if the system crashed in the middle of the night, I was part of a team that would have to troubleshoot to fix the problem, ASAP.   So once upon a time, I guess I knew more than the average user who was calling me for help. 
But, as I said that was long ago.  I'm sure things have changed so much that my expertise in e-mail support is sorely outdated.
When I think about it, maybe I don't want to be "the expert".  There is probably a great deal of pressure associated with being "the expert".  People depend on TE for answers and advice.  I mean TE's have to know everything, absolutely everything about IT. 
I am inspired by the goings on in my daily everyday life.  That's what I write about.  I suppose that's what I know the most about.  I guess I know more about that than even Google. 
Made it, with 15 minutes to spare before the deadline.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Monday, February 25 1929
Home all day.  Brought Elsie and children to dancing school at Forest Hill Club.  After supper brought carriage to Harrison.  Sold it for $5.00.  Junior's first beautiful carriage. 


  1. I think you sell yourself a little short, Lynda. After all, not just anyone could write an engaging post about having nothing to write about. :)

  2. PS--I will say to you something similar to what I just said to JT, I wish I had all the skill you "don't" have when it comes to photography. I love coming here and seeing what you've snapped. You may have to Google all the terms, but you seem to have a natural ability to point the camera at compelling things.

  3. JT, I would love to have all that skill you "don't" have when it comes to painting!

  4. You always express, so beautifully, some of the same things I experience! Thank you for continuting to share!

  5. I think you are an expert at conveying beauty, effectively, in the form of both your words and your pictures.  I appreciate what you bring to the table.

  6. Ha!  You sound like me - not an expert on anything .  Like to write but not the best.  Like to take photographs but not interested enough to understand all the nuances (give me a good point and shoot).  Like to paint but don't have a lot of skills.  Love to bike and move but not a competitive athlete - not now, not ever.  
    I too write about the every day business of living - but, of course, I DON'T write every day....