My Week

Thursday, May 21.
It rained all day today.  Which is a good thing because it hasn’t rained in weeks.  We did not move out of the house. Ross is on the mend.
May 20
Ross has some kind of allergy or cold.  The pollen is horrendous this year.  It’s never bothered me, I hope it stays that way.
It’s about 9:30 and Ross is on his way to the Dr’s.
I walked down to the club house and then around the pond once.
I went inside to the health club and went on the elliptical for 25 minutes.
Ross back from the Dr’s.  Doc says it’s allergies.  Told him to stop taking the Claritin and stick with Flonase.
We prepared our DNA sample for mailing.

It's been a year since I wrote here.
Gonna try it again.
Friday, Oct. 5,
10 Months since Joe passed away.
Anne dropped Domani off.  He is staying over night.  She is going to NYC to see an Afghan Whigs Concert.
Domani was great.
Saturday, Oct. 6
Anne came to pick Domani up at around 11:00 a.m.
Sunday, Oct 7
Went to Dolores' for dinner at around 2:00.  Aunt Ronnie and Uncle George were there.
Thurs. Oct. 4.
Did about 5 loads of laundry.
Wrote, knitted and watched some tv.

Oct. 2,  & 3.
Treadmill for one hour each each day.
Tuesday Ross went to a Men's club dinner at the clubhouse.
Wednesday watched the Presidential debate between Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney
Oct. 1
Up at 6:30
Started to write my post for the day.  I am going to try to participate in the NaBloPoMo for Oct.
Ross had an appointment with the urologist to have a cystoscopy today. Dr. gave him a valium of 10 mg which he had to take an hour before the appt.  He was pretty loopy.
The test went fine.  Everything is okay.
I spent the rest of the day on the phone and working on my post.
I spoke with Dolores, Jen, and Jimmy.
Sept. 30
Up at 6:30.
Wrote a post here called Riding The Rails With BillyS
Went to breakfast at Dock Side on LBI
Stopped at Big Apple Bakery for bad stuff.  Apple strudel and crumb buns
Straightened up a little, watched a little TV and knitted a little.
Went for an hour's walk on the Barnegat Trail with Ross
Picked up Rico from Camp Bow Wow

Oct. 7 - Friday
Anne had to take Joe to the doctor because he has not been feeling well and hasn't been able to eat.
X-ray shows that the cancer is active.  I assume that means that the tumors are growing.  He is going to go to the hospital on Monday (out patient) to have fluid drained from his lungs.
They will start Chemo again on Tuesday.

I called Elaine to let her know that I would not be going to Carolyn's baby shower.

Ross and I went to Woolbearers to return wool that I had left over.  I exchanged for different colors.  I am going to start another afghan.

Ross has a terrible cold.

Oct. 6 - Thursday
We went to Point Pleasant.  We told Perry that we are probably going to be out of the booth by the end of November.  We put up 50% off signs.  We took pictures of the booth to send to Dan  Melega.  We want him to clean out the booth and auction off the stuff.

We had a late lunch at the Shrimp Box.

Oct. 4 - Tuesday
I decided to go back to bowling.  It was good therapy to get out and about.  I bowled lousy, but I did make some progress on the baby blanket - knitting while waiting for my turn to bowl.

We went to Brazzi's  for a late lunch/early dinner.   I ordered the salmon.  It was not cooked all the way through.  Ross ordered the Lamb Shank.  It was not hot.   Strike one!

Oct. 3 - Monday
I babysat for Domani.  Jen came over to visit.   Ken also came over.
Ross went to Teddy's for breakfast.
Anne took Joe for his second radiation treatment.  He had the same claustrophobic reaction.  They gave him more medication and he was able to continue.  He was still pretty sedated when he got home.

Oct. 2 - Sunday
Ross and I went to breakfast at Sweet Jenny's.  I had a waffle which was still frozen on the inside.  I guess they don't make them there.

We went to Mt. Holly to Wool Bearers.   I decided to make a baby blanket for Carolyn and Claudio's baby shower which is on Saturday.  I hope I can finish it in time.

We had lunch at the Vincetown Diner

Sept 30 - Oct. 1  Friday- Saturday
I kept busy by cleaning, straightening and re-organzing my closets.  I also did a little bit of furniture re-arranging.  Ross got home at around 7:00 p.m.

Sept 29 - Thursday
Joe went for his first radiation treatment.  Ken took him.  Joe had a claustrophobic reaction to the mask.
They gave him some medication and after awhile he was able to continue.

Ross left for his Naval Academy reunion

Dolores and  I went to see Aunt Sue in the nursing home.  I finished the afghan.  She liked it, but wanted us to put it away because she was afraid someone would steal it.  I hope she gets over that fear and is able to use it.

Sept. 20, 2011
I went to a Guided Meditation Group today at the Club House.    Not my cup of tea.

Sept. 19, 2011
Joe went for the setup for his radiation today.  Ken took him.   Joe had to have a Myelogram  and a mask made.  He starts his radiation on Sept. 29.

Dolores asked me to make an afghan for Aunt Sue.  Aunt Sue is now in a nursing home.  I went to A.C. Moore to get the wool and started on the afghan today.

Sept. 15, 2011
Went for a hair cut and touch up.

Sept. 13, 2011
Joe had to go for a consultation in New York with a surgeon today.  He has a lesion on his spine which has caused a fracture in one of the vertebrae in his neck.   Ross and I babysat for Domani.
The surgeon recommended a more aggressive radiation treatment instead of surgery.
He has to go for 5 treatments and he has to go into the city for them.
Domani was cute as usual today.

Sept. 12, 2011
I quit bowling today.  I feel that Joe and Anne may need us more often now.  Erika (the secretary) was very understanding.

Sept. 7, 2011
I went to Curves this morning.  Only two days left till the end of "Last Queen Standing"
Ross & I still trying to get through the paper de-clutter.

Sept. 6, 2011
Rainy Tuesday
The new bowling season started today.
Louise is back after having heart surgery.  She was out all of last season.  She is in her 80's.   She could barely lift the ball and just kind of let it fall on the alley.
Della, a bowler on the other team, also in her 80's suffers from the beginnings of Alzheimers.
It's pretty depressing to see these ladies start to fail.

Sept. 5, 2011
I started going through the mounds of papers that have been thrown in a file cabinet drawer for the past two years.  Shred, Shred,, credit card, utility bills etc.
Went to Blue Water Cafe for Lunch.

Sept. 6, 2011
I started knitting a cool shawl.  Duchess

Sept. 3, 2011
We went to the Vincetown diner for breakfast and then over to Jen's.  Helping the kids clean their rooms was a great distraction.  Ross helped Derek take the pool down.
Afterwards we went to Freehold Mall, had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's.
I returned a couple of pairs of shoes at Macys.

Sept. 2, 2011
Ross and I were supposed to be in Rye New York at Fabio and Katy's wedding.  Considering the long drive, over two hours, and the multiple functions, I decided that the stress of all of that would be a bit much for me.   So I chose not to go.
Instead we went shopping and wound up buying a sleeper sofa for the Den.

August 28, 2011
After Storm Irene

Around 10:00 a.m.

The "pond" across the street from our house

12:00 noon
We took a tour of the town
This is what the Municipal Dock Parking lot looked like yesterday.

Saturday 08/27/11

This is what happened over night
Sunday 08/28/11

August 27, 2011
8:00 a.m.
We are waiting for the hurricane Irene to hit.   We have stocked up on water, batteries, flashlights, etc.
All of the outside stuff is put away.
Cell phones, ipad, kindles all plugged in.
Ross has an old transistor radio from 1960 something.   The case is speckled with paint.  He told me he listened to that radio the summer he painted the family house.

And it still works!

Right now the skies are gray, the air is heavy and it is very humid.

After having breakfast at the Barnegat Diner, we drove over to the Barnegat Dock.

The bay is still relatively calm.

I guess the fishing must be good!

A few others waiting and watching for Irene

We decided to see if we could get onto Long Beach Island (LBI).  Saturday is check in day for the weekly renters.  The only way to get onto the Island is via Route 72.  Here is what traffic normally looks like on a summer Saturday on RT. 72.

Here it is today

Lots of emergency trucks out.

Route 72E to get onto LBI is closed.  All of the entrances to the shopping centers on Rt. 72 are coned off.

10:30 a.m.
Back into our community.   Some neighbors gathering around...gee I wonder what they are talking about?

11:45 a.m.
It has started to rain a little.

1:00 p.m.
The rain has picked up.
It's a little breezy.

It's been on and off pretty much the whole day.  Sometimes heavy, then it lets up.

5:00 p.m. The rain is again coming down pretty heavy.

8:00 p.m.

From the front of our house

The storm raged on for most of the night with winds and rain.  We only lost power for a few seconds at around 1:00 a.m.