Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Essence of Life Must Be in The Cranberry Bogs

Today when everyone else in the world is whooping, hootin' and hollerin' about the Super Bowl I am sad.

While Madonna was singing her half time finale song "Like a Prayer" the beginning words to the song: "Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone..."inspired thoughts and oh so many questions about the mysteries of life, faith, and beliefs.

     How can those "left behind" possibly bear the fact that they may never see their favorite grandmother, beloved father, loving husband or precious child again?  Most are comforted by the belief that there is life after death.
     Isn't  believing that loved ones who die will "pass" into a magical place, that they will be happy and at peace the only way that most people can cope with such losses?
    But why has there never been solid proof or evidence that such a place exists?
    Isn't it true that most people are suspicious of mediums, and spooky seances?
    But if billions of people can practice the rituals of the 22 major religions in the worlds, which are conducted by earthly humans, why wouldn't beliefs in other unconventional rituals be possible?
   They say that people who have faith, who believe in something, are happier, calmer and are better prepared to cope with life which includes death.  I envy those people.
     My favorite genre of fiction is the mystery novel.  If I pay close attention to the clues, I can usually guess "who done it" before the end of the book.  But even if the clues are not apparent, I know that the creative author will reward me by revealing the truth at the end of the story.
     I keep asking this question:  "Where are you Joe?"   
     What was revealed to my son as he took his last breath?  Was it the end of his story, or a new beginning?

     Today we visited a little county nature park which is practically around the corner from where we live.
And I, of so little faith cannot help but be in awe of the beauty of these surroundings.

 Perhaps it is a glimpse of a magical place. 

In season you can put on some hip boots and pick wild cranberries out of the bogs.

   Someone once told me that everyone has to believe in something.  She asked me what I believed in.  I answered that I believed in my son, Joe.   
 I believe that a person's mind and spirit, is an eternal flame.  

After all how can the essence of someone like him ever be extinguished?


     When I read Anna's diary, I feel her.  I picture her.  I hear her voice. Even though she was born 113 years ago and I am pretty certain she is no longer living on this earth,  her essence lives on.  

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:

Tuesday February 5, 1929
Home until 2:30. Brought Junior to 360 and went to bank.  Supper at 360.  On way home stopped at Cousin Louise to inquire about Lena. In hospital since Thurs.  



  1. Lynda, beautiful post. I pray for you to feel Joe and know that he's only a breath away. That is the only way I could comfort myself in the newness of losing my son, Jesse at  age19, almost ten years ago.  I stand firm in my belief that my God is trustworthy, His word is eterenal, and I will see my son in again. I always find solace around water also.

  2. How often I think about death and what is revealed to those lucky souls? 
    In the meantime, I enjoy your photos and wonder about life and how to live it well.
    I love the second photo - contrasting colors and the brilliant golds -
    and there's that Jersey shore!  Such white sand!

  3. These are the Big Questions I think we all struggle with and some of us find answers (in established religion or looser spirituality) and some of us just live uneasily with the unanswerable. Know that whichever your chosen path, you are not walking it alone.

  4. Like Holly, I believe that life is eternal.  The loved ones who have passed before us are happy and we will see them again.   Families are forever.  I believe this.  

  5. As long as we have a memory of someone, that person lives on.  I feel as though I know Anna, because I am always wanting to play bridge.  Seven No-Trump.  If I am going to go down, I am going to go down big-time.

  6. What a beautiful post. Visiting through Masked Mom's link today. I agree with Masked Mom's comment- whichever path you choose, there are many others on it with you.