Friday, February 10, 2012

A Twilight Zone Experience DoDoDoDo DoDoDoo

I had a bizarre experience this morning.  Let me explain.
Chapter One:
This week  Ross and I took advantage of the beautiful mild weather by visiting a few of the local natural parks and lakes which are plentiful here in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey.
As I was going through the pictures I had taken at the various sites I came across a photo I had taken of Ross.
 I remember as I was taking this picture of Ross a man came walking out of the woods.  It was a surprise because the area is remote and I didn't realize anyone else was around.

And since I had my spy cam(era) I just had to snap a picture of this guy.

Chapter Two:
 Thursday, we went to Bamber Lake.  I took a few pictures of the covered bridge and of course the lake.

I wanted to find out more information about Bamber Lake so I googled it.  As I was looking through the images that came up during the search, I found a photo of a woman standing on that same bridge looking out at the lake.  The photo referenced a blog called All Me All The Time.
Curious to find out more about the person who had also visited Bamber Lake, I began to read Shari's blog.
Originally from Brooklyn, she and her husband Larry moved to the South Jersey area in August of 2011 and were finding the Pine Barrens interesting.
Shari had this photo of her husband Larry on her blog.  I hope that I am not violating some blogging rule by adding Larry's photo to this post.  But...

When I saw his photo I immediately thought I recognized him as the mystery man who came out of the woods.

Could it be?   Could such a coincidence be possible?  

  Mystery man probably isn't Larry, but I intend to send a link to my post to Shari and ask her.

Here is yesterday and today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Sat February 9 1929
Card party at Bambergers restaurant given by Jean's Sor. Brought Elsie and Minnie home.  Met bunch. Dinner Palais Royal Goodwin "On Trial". Home at 12. Found Jewel-Rick Marie-Jim here.  Home at one.

Sun February 10 1929
Dinner at Mother's Slim left for college right after dinner.  Rick brought Jewel diamond to select.  Junior and I went to Naps for supper. Home put Baby to bed. Met Flo and Ann Jackson At Mt. Prospect.


  1. Pretty fun to be able to create your own mystery setting, and then solve it.  As always, your choice of photos is excellent.  Every one takes me back to the eight weeks I spent in New Jersey, and how surprised I was to find that the "Garden State" actually was very green, and had lots of open country with farmland very much in use.  I just thought of it as Eastern Seaboard crowded.  But Ft. Dix afforded some incredible hiking experiences, some of them on weekends, sans field pack and gear.  So many lakes!

  2. That would be a great coincidence if it was Larry. You'll have to let us know!

  3. My money is on YUP - one and the same.  and I want to be able to go wander the beaches and rivers of Sonoma County as you and Ross are doing.  Someday......

  4. I've been to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood area, Carmel and San Francisco.  My ex-husband was offered a job in Mission Viejo many years, but the houses were so expensive compared to what we were used to in NJ that he declined the offer.
    But I've never been to Sonoma County.  Someday...

  5. Ft. Dix is not too far from where we live.  That was where my son was inducted into the army about 9 years ago.  It's true the landscape of New Jersey is varied and beautiful.