Friday, February 24, 2012

"The Voice" You Can Hear Me Now!

     The Academy Awards will be aired this Sunday.  Normally,  Ross and I like to see most of the Best Picture nominations before the awards ceremony.  This year we just didn't make it to as many movies as we have in the past.  One of the films that we did manage to see was "The Artist".  Ross doesn't like me to say this,  but, I did have to nudge him once or twice and he had to do the same for me.
We managed to stay awake for most of the movie, though, and I would give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.
     The movie is about a popular silent movie film star who finds himself out of sorts as the silent movie era nears its end and talkies start to become more and more popular.
     "The Artist" is filmed in black and white as a silent movie.  Title cards, exaggerated movements and facial expressions communicated the dialogue and plot to the audience.
     I got to thinking about how reading a blog is similar to a silent movie.  The "voice" of the writer is only "heard" through the author's words.  Pauses and emotions are conveyed with commas and exclamation points.
     While I usually understand the tone of the posts of my favorite bloggers,  I often wonder what the tone of their voices sound like.
     Would I have a different understanding of a post if the author was reading the post in his or her voice?
Even more interesting would my opinion of the author change if I heard his or her voice?  While most bloggers have a profile picture, I wonder if their voice matches their face.
     All during the "The Artist" I kept hoping that the actors would speak.  Speak so that I could hear them, that is. I found it very suspenseful, wondering if that would happen at any time during the movie.
      I most likely will never hear the actual voices of my favorite bloggers.  I'll just have to lend the voice in my imagination to their words.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Sunday February 24 1929
Mass at St. Francis at eleven. Junior and I went to the Naps for dinner.  Left about 6:30.  Went for Jean at 360 and Father drove us home.  Baby was very cross and cranky.

If you are having trouble seeing the video click here


  1. I wonder, too, if I'd feel differently if I knew what some of my blogging friends sounded or really looked like. I think it's nice not to have to worry about that and to let only words express what we want others to know about us.

  2. What a neat idea. I'm WAY too shy to do a speaking post, even without the video. I can't tolerate the sound of my voice recorded and playing back to me. I remember once in our book group, we had read Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies and someone brought in the audio version, which is read by Anne herself. We were all stunned at the difference between her real voice and the one we'd imagined in our heads. I was even MORE stunned when someone commented that they thought she sounded like me (or vice versa) because I thought her voice was quite pleasant, while hearing my own makes me squirm.

  3. That was so col.  I listened for the new Jersey in your voice.  I was married to a gal from New Jersey, prior to meeting Annie. It took several times through, but the way the "thirty" drops off, and falls away sounds just like the way she used to say it.  I think your post is relevant, and I loved hearing Anna's Diary read aloud.  Also, glad for the "click here" which usually does not occur.  I miss out because I need something upgraded, but am not sure what.

  4. The video clip is so cool - I don't even know how to do that - but I could probably figure it out.  I like the way you think - you post about the missing voice and then you add it -- 
    I've seen reviews for the Artist but my reaction is " that movie is going to take too much work"  - call me lazy but when I go to the movies I want to sit back and immerse myself in the story - and maybe I could do that with the Artist but -  here comes the disclaimer - there is such limited time for movies that I want to go to something I can be more sure of -- last weekend, we saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - excellent movie - I really enjoyed the boy in the film  but it was sad - perhaps not the best movie for me to have seen -  
    so, down the road I will play with the video thing - did you use the camera you use for the photos to do that?
    and, btw, I really like the new photo on the top of the blog.  How do you make the water shimmer like that?  is that something you do with the photo before you post it or is it something you do on the blog when you post it?  always trying to learn new stuff...

  5. thank you for the "talkie" post! We do create our own images while reading.
    I'm tring to "follow" you, but have forgotten my Linky password and am waiting for a new one!