Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're Not Rich, But We're Not Out In The Cold Anymore

  For the past 10 years Ross and I have been in the junk antique and collectible business. We have rented space in one antique mall or another up and down the Jersey Shore.  For the past 3 years we have been in Canvas House Antiques in Point Pleasant Beach.  This was our favorite place.  The owner, Perry Ford is the best!
Our booth was on the second floor, and as the years went by, those stairs seemed to get steeper and steeper.
We were finding it increasingly more difficult to lift and carry up the two flights, which made us realize that we weren't getting any younger.
Also, the economy has taken its toll on the antique business.  We have seen a dramatic decline in our sales.
So, we decided it was time to pack it in.  And this week that's exactly what we did.
Today we had one of the best auction houses Legacies Old and New in the state haul our stuff away.  Thank you Dan and Marilyn for all of your help.  They will be auctioning our goodies off in Tuckerton, NJ on January 7.
This was our booth before we packed it up.

This is what it looked like today before we loaded up the trailer.

We also had a garage full of items which we just seemed to accumulate over the years.   We just knew that we would find that one treasure that would make us rich.

But we got tired of holding our breath and decided we would rather get two cars in the garage this winter instead of spending hours digging our cars out.

So Ross spent a couple of months this summer packing up our garage.

And last month Dan and Marilyn hauled all of it away.

We could probably get two cars in the garage now if we really tried.   

Perhaps there would be more room if Ross could part with his Food and Wine Magazine collection.   Yes, that's right, he has every issue ever printed.  Just saying.

So, if  are in the Tuckerton, NJ  area on January, 7 and want to have a fun time, come on over to the Eagleswood Firehall, 145 Railroad Ave, West Creek, NJ.  Auction starts at 10:00 a.m.

You just might find that rare treasure, which I am still convinced is buried somewhere in one of those boxes.


  1. i am a huge collector, so i totally relate! am impressed you could let it all - or most at least - go at once. i sell mine a little at a time on ebay, but i buy a lot too....

  2. I know the buying does get out of hand, but it is the most fun!  I also sell on eBay.  I just have to get myself back into the swing of things. 

  3. I, too, collect things....usually just Harry Potter things and teacher things and things that belonged to my grandparents and my mom and other things that I find along the way that I just adore. I think I'm driving my husband insane with all the things in the house...

  4. Wow, pretty impressive amount of stuff there! I hope there's something that'll make your fortune at auction in amongst it all =)