Friday, November 11, 2011

UH, You Can Go Now!

Yesterday was an especially long day.   It started off  with Ross and me being awakened with a 2:00 a.m. phone call made by a fussy grandson playing with his father's cell phone.
Ross and I had to be up early anyway but not that early.  It took us awhile to get back to sleep.

We were going to be spending the day with my son Joe and his son, Domani.
We had to be there by 9:00 so that my daughter-in-law could get to work by 10:00.  They live about 1-1/4 hours away.

It's always emotional when I spend time with Joe because every moment is precious.

We spent most of the day downstairs with Domani so that Joe could get some rest.

Domani is a happy little boy who is a lot of fun to be with.  He is a typical curious one year old.

I created a make shift kind of barricade with chairs and anything else I could find so that I didn't have to chase him very far.

For a grandma, I am not in bad shape, but my stamina is put to the test by this energetic little guy.

It was a good day. Domani is a pleasure.  But Grandma and Pop-PoP were pretty tired by the time Anne got home.

As we were driving home, we both were looking forward to a simple dinner of left over Chinese take out, a little tele-viewing and then calling it an early night.

We were about 1/2 mile from our complex, when Ross spotted the red and blue flashing lights behind us.
Figuring it was an ambulance he pulled over to the side of the road.
So did the flashing lights.   It was not an ambulance but a police car.
Oh that's just perfect I thought.
Since Ross does have a little bit of a heavy foot, he is very familiar with what to do when pulled over by a police officer.  So before the cop even got to the car, he had his license and registration out.
I have to say in his defense he hasn't had a speeding ticket in about 3 years.   Okay, that's not to say that he hasn't been pulled over in the last three years, but he has been lucky and gotten away with just a couple of warnings.
Anyway, last night he definitely was not speeding.
Here's how it went:

Cop:  "Where are you headed sir?"   (Why do they always ask you that?  I wish just once Ross would say on "our way to knock over that gas station there, do you have a problem with that?")
Ross:  "On our way home, officer"  (like I said Ross knows the drill)
Cop:  "Do you know why I pulled you over?"  (Again, another silly question with so many possible snarky replies)
Ross:  "No officer, I really don't
Cop:  "Did you have your bright lights on a little ways back?"
Ross:  "Yes?"
Cop:  "Didn't you see me flashing my lights for you to dim your brights?"
Ross "No?"
Cop: "Well I did and when you didn't dim your lights, I turned around and that's when I pulled you over"  (All I can say is HUH?)
Cop: "How's your license? Clean?"  (Urge for super snarky answer)
Cop: "Okay, I'll be right back."

At this point, I was so tired and getting a bit cranky and I admit a little whiney.  I just wanted to get home, get into my PJ's and get into my nice warm comfy bed.

There was a wooded area next to where the cop pulled us over

As we were sitting there waiting for Mr. Cop who had nothing better to do than worry about a failure to dim your brights violator, I noticed deer running near the edge of the road.   We could see their eyes as the cop's flashing lights shone into the woods.
Ross said that's why I had my brights on, I saw the deer.

Okay, so here is how the rest of the event went:

The cop finally comes back and hands Ross a ticket.  He tells Ross that the ticket carries no points and that Ross should just call the number on the back of the ticket.  He tells Ross to be careful for the rest of the way home and then he heads back to his car.

Ross is a pretty even tempered person.   But we have had a lot of stuff piled on lately and sometimes enough is enough.

He took his time putting his license and registration away.   He took his time looking over the ticket.

I guess the cop was anxious to get on his way, because after a couple of minutes he did a little blast on his siren.   Ross didn't budge.   I said "I think he wants you to get going."
Ross still sat there reading over the ticket.
Finally the cop calls out on his loudspeaker

"You can go now."

I thought that was the funniest thing I have ever heard.

I guess he wanted to make sure that when Ross left the scene of the "failure to dim our brights" crime,
he wasn't going be a double violator.

When Ross got home, he found out that using your brights to look out for deer is acceptable.  He is thinking of fighting the $37.00 ticket, because he just has to!

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  1. It isn't funny when the universe is set upon trying your patience and fortitude on a day like that. You told the story well, I felt like I was with you in the backseat watching it all unfold. Fight the ticket!