Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Just Wanna Buy Some Yarn!

One of the things I wanted to do while Ross and I were visiting his sister Joan in Bemus Point NY was to find as many Local Yarn Stores as I could in the area.

I used the GPS app on my iPad to search for "yarn", "wool" and "knitting".

The first place we found was  located in Brocton NY.

The name of the store is Woolgathering.   It looked like a great place.  But even though we were there at 2:30 and the sign said they were open until 3:00, the store was closed.

The store was on the same block as Peggy's Enchanted Doll House & Hospital.   This was also closed, and apparently has been permanently closed for a very long while.   It must have been quite a neat place in its day.

Across the street was Adventure Limousine.  
Which one of these gems would you like to hire for your next big event?

This was the next one on the list.  The Country Yarn Shop.  The "Open" flag was out but there was a closed sign on the door.  (I'm sorry but I don't remember what town this was in.)

The GPS then led us down this country road

across this scary one lane bridge

and when we got here, the GPS announced, "You have arrived at your destination."  Really?
Well, perhaps this was once a yarn store.  But I bet there was a closed sign on the window!

The next place was "The Wool Works"  in Westfield, NY

Yep, that is a closed sign.

Finally, finally we found "The Yarn Cottage"at Red Brick Farm  in Mayville,  NY. 

   So I bought two skeins of this.  Just because it was OPEN!


  1. I would be so incredibly frustrated! I can understand not wanting to waste time, money, and resources being open if no one is going to come in but, c'mon...that many stores were closed.

    This is why we call ahead when we're visiting places...

  2. I think I just found my new life ambition to own run a tree house yarn shop!