Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watching The World From Right Outside My Front Door

Ross and I live in an "active" adult community.  There are about 1200 homes in our community, so that means that there over 2000 people living here.
We live right on what is considered the main road.  All of the other streets branch off of our road.  Because it is the main road, it is very wide.
Speed limit signs are posted all along the main road.

I have not been able to find how this will be strictly enforced or for that matter who will do the enforcing.
I guess everyone else feels the same way because no one adheres to the 25 MPH.

Today I thought I would hang out in front of my house for 30 minutes just to see what happens outside my front door.

The day was beautiful.  Bright blue sky, no clouds.  The temperature was a balmy 49 degrees.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was.  Not a soul in sight.

All of the houses have one tree planted on their front yard.  Mine is the most beautiful. :)

I heard some rustling noises coming from next door.  Ahh, there is life here after all.  I looked over and saw my neighbor washing windows.

Every once in a while a car would go speeding by...okay maybe speeding is too strong of a word, but I don't think they were doing 25.

Looking around I was surprised to see one lone rose in my garden patch.

As I was standing in my driveway, a butterfly happened by.   I followed it and watched as it landed on some flowers in the yard of my other neighbor's house.

Joining the butterfly was a little bee.

Still no "active" adults though.

I figured I would take Rico for a walk, maybe there would be activity around the bend.

Hah! Finally signs of life. 

Back home again, I started counting the cars going by.  One would go by every couple of minutes.

There were a couple of cool ones.

So now I know what goes on right outside my front door.

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  1. Great post! It's always surprising what goes on outside your door! And it looks like you live in a lovely, peaceful community.