Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today Lake Erie - Tomorrow Barnegat, NJ

We had our final visits with Joan this morning and then again this afternoon. 

In between visits, we stopped at a local winery which is called Johnson Estate Winery.  Coincidentally they just happened to be having their anniversary open house event.  There were munchies around and of course wine tasting.   Ross found a Merlot and a Chardonnay that he liked and bought a few bottles of each.

Afterwards, we drove over to the Lake Erie area and had lunch at Zebro's Harbor House . The restaurant  overlooks the lake.  

After we ate,  we parked at the public beach. It was very cold and windy by the water.   I have to say the sight of that large body of water was pretty impressive. 

This trip was an emotional one for Ross and his sister.  She has been through an awful lot.  Even though right now she appears to be quite fragile, I know that her recuperation will steadily progress.

I'm sure the next time we visit, she will be able to accompany us and show even more of the sites around this beautiful part of the country. 

Now it's time to pack up and get ready for an early start for our trip back home.

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