Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rules To Follow From Bossy Big Brother Ross

We started off the day with the breakfast part of the B&B where we are staying.

The owner of the establishment, who is also the cook and breakfast server, entertained us with her perspectives of the political shenanigans that go on in the USA.   Although she is not a citizen, she has been in this country for over 20 years.  Her views as a sort of innocent by-stander were quite interesting.

We then went over to Joan's and visited with her for a little while.   Ross decided to play bossy big brother and  lecture Joan on what she should be eating... or more like it, what she should  not  be eating.  He also had a list of activity do's and don't's.    I reminded Joan that she should remind Ross that he should practice what he preaches... just sayin'.

Okay so after I dragged Ross out of Joan's house, my mission was to find at least one new LYS (local yarn store).  I have the  MotionX GPS  app on on my iPad.  After plugging the words "yarn" and "wool" into the search window, the GPS came up with about 6 stores.
 The first  one was right on Main St. in Bemus Point called Imagine.  The store did not have a terribly big selection of yarn, but what they had was very nice.

I did buy a new size 9 24" circular needle.  The cable on the one I am using now is 47" and is way too long for the Saroyan pattern scarf I am working on.  The 24" one  is working much better.

As we continued on our quest, we caught glimpses of the damage left behind from a recent tornado, saw lots of vineyards, and had a peek at Lake Erie which was off in the distance.

The details of the wild goose chase we went on looking for the other 5 stores will be discussed complete with photos in another post.

We headed back to our B&B for dinner, which is included as part of it's weekend package.  It was served on the enclosed porch and was quite lovely.

I have to say that this trip would probably be very enjoyable if it were another time, and under different circumstances.

I know that Ross feels grateful that he still gets to play bossy big brother to his little sister Joan.

And as always my heart and thoughts are constantly with Joe.

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