Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Nest Should Never Be an Empty One

I am the mother of three adult children.   Each married with children of their own.
It's funny but lately I seem to be experiencing "empty nest" syndrome.

Perhaps one of the reasons I  am having this delayed reaction is that years ago when I should have been experiencing "empty nest" my daughter, who is the oldest of my three, moved into her own apartment and six months later so did I.

So I kind of flew the nest at the same time as my daughter and before my two sons did.  In other words, they didn't leave, I did.

Perhaps another reason I am feeling this way is that I have finally come to the realization that my kids and their kids are now on their own life's journey.

I think to myself how ridiculous it is that I am having difficulty letting them go.  After all they have been on their own for quite some time now.

But truth be told, deep down inside, I know that my eldest son's serious illness is the main reason for the feelings I am struggling with.

Being a mother and wanting to mother doesn't stop based on the age, or stage of life of my children.  I will be there with them to celebrate the good times and support them through the tough times.

Yes, the order of things was not quite the way it should have been years ago.

It breaks my heart that this time, the order of things again might not be the way they should be.
You see, this time I should be the one who leaves first.

The name of my blog is Lynda Grace an Hour Away.   I am an hour plus away from each of my kids.
Most times not that far away, but sometimes just a little too far away. 

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