Monday, December 12, 2011

Zombie Blue, Blue Christmas

In an almost zombie like state, I have been painfully going through the motions of Christmas.   

As I was decorating the tree at 5:00 a.m yesterday, the words to Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas were stuck in my head.    

So I thought it was fitting to include blue ornaments to my "decorations of red" on my green Christmas tree"

My collection of mini trees and snowmen are set up in their usual spot on the console table by the front door.  

The mantles are adorned with greenery, pinecones and candles.

The dining room is filled with red and white poinsettias.

Rudolph is hanging out on the stuffed chair in the foyer. 

The trees and bushes are twinkling and the wreath is on the front door.

But instead of Holiday Greetings my mailbox is filled sympathy cards.

And I am sad, so very sad. 

And like the song says:

I'll have a Blue Christmas without you

I'll be so blue thinking about you

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree

Won't be the same dear, if because you're not here with me

Yesterday Ross bought the Elf on the Shelf for me.   He is still in the box, though.  

I wish I believed in magical elves and far-a-way places. 

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  1. Hey, pat yourself on the back that you are able to push yourself through the motions of decorating. Your son would be glad you made the effort for family, for the children, and for yourself. It will be a different holiday for sure. Embrace that he is as close as your fingertips, talk to him and ask him for his help to get through the hard times of his absence. The priest at my church often tells us to remember that our loved ones are that close. Peace and rest to you, e