Saturday, December 31, 2011

Can I Have A Rockin New Year's Eve Raincheck, Mr. Clark?

Ross and I went for an early dinner.  So, early that we snuck in without reservations.
We went to Kubel's on the island in Barnegat Light.

Mark, "who would be helping us out tonight" was our waiter.

I love it when the wait staff calls us "guys".
"Can I start you off with a drink, guys?"   "How's the shrimp, guys?"   "Coffee, tea, desert tonight, guys?"  "Will there be anything else for you tonight, guys?" "Be right back with your check, guys."    "Be right back with your change, guys."  "Have a happy, healthy New Years, guys."

Anyway, young Mark was very pleasant and a pretty nice guy himself.

Ross had his "very cold, straight up, Ketel One (they didn't have Grey Goose) vodka martini, with olives.
I had water, no lemon.
Ross had the delicious (according to him) seafood scampi.  
I had the just okay (according to me) chicken piccata.
We were home by 7:30.

Each new year is supposed to be full of hope and promise and new beginnings.   At least I think that is what all of the hoopla, pots and pan banging, fireworks, ball dropping celebration is all about.

And I have to admit, I do have my share of  "This year I'm going to... and from now on I'm not going to...thoughts.    

But, this has been a tough, tough, 2011.  So, I think I will give myself a break,  chill out, and a rest for just a little while.

I thought about not starting to write this post until 11:48 tonight.   I figured that way I would be guaranteed of staying awake until midnight. But now at 8:38 p.m. I am worn out and can barely keep my eyes open.
I guess I'll just have to DVR the Times Square ball dropping and watch it tomorrow. And it looks like Dick Clark will have to have a Rockin New Year's Eve without me this year. 

Happy New Year!


  1. It's 8:54pm here in southern Wisconsin. Little Man has been put to bed, Husband is playing video games in the living room, Puppy is in his kennel and I'm sitting in bed with my laptop, pondering whether or not I should even try to stay awake to see the new year begin.

    I don't think it's going to happen...

  2. And it's 8:03 on the west coast and I KNOW Dick and friends will be celebrating without me.  Our town has a cool NYE celebration at the community center and one wonderful friend of mine is the anchor for that celebration.  I would go just to hang with him but I would fall asleep. .... 
    2011 took a lot of energy and so I am tired and in need of replenishment and the comfort and escape of sleep.  Lynda, I am glad you went out with Ross and looked for some sense of "normal" in what has been a devastating season for you.  Sleep well tonight, my friend, and know that you clearly are loved by many.

  3. I am now awake, early on New Years day.  My cell phone has a message from my oldest son, who is at a party still raging about fifteen minutes away on the mountain.  I still am content to sit here in the wee ours, and take stock of the situation.  And the situation is that I am still not going anywhere,  preferring to reflect back on what was a year of change for me, in a way I never could have anticipated.  As with most change, I have emerged a more complete person, and one who knows there is still a ways to go.  That's what 2012 is going to be all about.  Take care, Lynda, and keep Joe in your dreams, which is the only place where the pain can still take a backseat to the pleasure of seeing him.

  4. Rest is such a good, good thing. Cheers to you and your date and your choice to rest! ~ Red Dirt Kelly

  5. Happy New Year!  2012 HAS to be better!