Monday, December 19, 2011

The New Kindle Fire Will Not Ease My Pain

Ross is cooking dinner.   Rico is in here next to me, because Ross is cooking dinner.
The dog gets very frightened when Ross cooks.
Ross doesn't believe in putting the exhaust fan on when he is cooking.
So, pretty much every time Ross panfries anything, the smoke detector goes off.
We have one of those detectors that talks.
So that loud screeching alarm is accompanied by a woman screaming, "Fire!"  "Fire!"

I get annoyed that Ross never puts the exhaust fan on because it makes Rico shake and bark.

Rico hates that detector and that woman.  And he's not crazy about the ice maker either.

Today, my Kindle and our cordless phones went kaput at exactly the same time.   So strange.

Just when I thought "perfect, now I can get the new Kindle fire",  Jen suggested that I connect the Kindle to my computer with the USB cable and now it is working again.
So, no new Kindle Fire.

The online troubleshooting guide for our phones suggested that we unplug the power cord from the base and then plug it back in again.  That worked.
So, no new phones either.

A special Christmas card arrived in the mail today.   It was from Joe, Anne and Domani.

Together, Joe and Anne picked out the photos for the card just a month ago.

The card is beautiful and precious.  The card makes me cry.

But, then I am reminded of how happy they were together.

The saying that they chose to be printed on the card is this:

"May this Holiday season bring you precious time with family and friends..."

I am reminded of how silly it is to be upset about barking dogs, screeching smoke detectors and phones or kindles that don't work.

I am reminded how nice it is that Ross is cooking dinner for me (and for you too, Rico).

I am reminded that new phones or the Kindle Fire will not ease my pain.

Most of all I am reminded of how our lives have changed in what seems to be an instant and that time with family and friends is what is precious.


  1. To me it is the process of putting one foot in front of the other, repeatedly, until some sense of feeling begins to return.  Some feeling may have, but more will continue to do so.  Even being able to differentiate between the process, "barking dogs, screeching smoke alarms," and the product, dinner, is a grand step forward.  Sure, and it is.

  2. Lovely post.  On the humorous side - I was reminded of a few weeks ago when we thought (hoped?) my minivan was broken.  First the door wouldn't close (turned out there was a kid toy jammed in the slide) and then it wouldn't start (I quickly stopped trying in hopes I was right.  Hub got in and it started right up)...we have 2 paid off vehicles and should be wallowing in the extra cash to get other things taken care of - instead we are both staring longingly at something that will come with another 60 months of payments...