Friday, December 23, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf and Jesus on the Beach in New Jersey?

Who's on the beach in New Jersey on the day of Christmas Eve eve.

Ship Bottom
Long Beach Island, NJ

That's Elvis
Our Elf on The Shelf Elf

Beach Patrol Out for a Stroll

Surfer Dude

Gold's Gym?

Catching The Seven Fishes for the Eve's Dinner

Jesus at the Jersey Shore?


  1. Beautiful photographs. I love the beach, and the surf. I could stare and stare. Love that your elf made a beach trip too. :-) And maybe that is......everyone loves Jersey, even Jesus, right? :-)

  2. I was in Keyport, on the New Jersey coast, in April, of 1972, while stationed at Fort Dix.  Being a Southern California kind of guy, I was desperately lonely for an ocean fix.  I went out in a fishing boat, and was ecstatic.  Your photos evoked some serious nostalgia for me. In October, I wrote a series of vignettes on my time in New Jersey, to go with the pieces on Fort Leonard Wood, and those of Korea.  It was a  long time ago, but it may as well have been yesterday.

  3. The family and I just got back from our Christmas Eve walk on the Nor Cal.  We were given a beautiful sunset (but chilly) and then splurged on a seafood dinner at the wharf.  Merry Christmas Eve!

  4. Christmas Eve sunset at the Pacific Ocean :)

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