Friday, December 2, 2011

Mary Jane's Brownies

I immediately got a job right after I  graduated high school in 1965.

I missed out on that whole hippie, free love, psychedelic rock and drug cultural revolution, perhaps because I didn't go to college.

I was the oldest of six children.   Three of my siblings were at least 11 years younger than me.

I remember, at age 27,  being shocked and horrified when my mom told me that she found a marijuana cigarette in my 14 year old brother's room.

At that time the message about marijuana was that it was a gateway drug. I clearly remember the commercial of the two eggs in the frying pan along with the slogan: "This is your brain on drugs."

Sadly enough, my brother did go on to do more serious drugs.   But, perhaps if marijuana had been more acceptable, he would have been satisfied being just a little bit of a pot head.

My three children were each born in the 1970's.   They were teenagers in the 1980's and 1990's.
I'm pretty sure I would have been quite upset if I found out that they were smoking pot.

I, myself, have never seen marijuana in any shape or form. I have never been in the company of anyone who was smoking it or ingesting it in any way.

I mean,  I have seen it depicted on TV and in the movies.   But, I wouldn't be able to identify the smell, and I probably wouldn't know a joint from an ordinary cigarette.

So basically what I am trying to say is that I have been pretty much a prude and a little judgemental when it comes to pot.

That is Up Until NOW!!

New Jersey has a medical marijuana program which could allow the drug to be sold to chronically ill patients by the end of this year.  But the implementation of this program has been delayed for many months now.

My son, who is critically ill, would probably benefit from pot, even if it all it did was lift his spirits for a little while.

Joe has always been a straight arrow.  He is one to follow the rules.   A few months back, someone suggested to Joe that maybe a joint might stimulate his appetite.
Typical of Joe, his response was:  "Isn't that illegal?"

So today Jen, Jimmy, Ross and I were visiting Joe and Anne.   We were talking about how we could get Joe to try some pot.  I suggested that we all light up.  I imagine, (obviously not from personal experience) that he would get some of the effects that way, wouldn't he?

I also conjured up quite a funny picture in my mind of me smoking, as my mother would say, a marijuana cigarette.

Apparently, quite a few number of people have offered to "get some" for Joe.  Also apparently, quite a few number of people have connections to the primo stuff.

My how times have changed.
My, how my opinions have changed.
My, how cancer makes something like smoking a joint seem so innocuous.

Well, I have to go, I think I smell my brownies, I don't want them to burn.


  1. You should all have "brownies" and ice cream! I graduated in "66, was pretty "straight" and didn't know about MJB"S or pot until about '69. My first joint made me giggle a lot and get the munchies. Our first cat's name was Munchy because catnip effected him the same way (minus the giggles). I say find someone soon and get baking for your son.

  2. My very straight laced and religious father at one point was asking me ( I have smoked it.... I like it...haven't smoked it in prolly 25 years and never will again) could I find some for my sister.  She died 6 years ago.  I couldn't.  I would not know how to get it.  You do what you gotta do to make the road a little easier.  That's the goal.  Not morals or laws or anything else.  You love your family member and want them to be more comfortable.  

  3. Okay, I am a bit younger than you are and lived the California hippy life of the late 60's and early 70's.  I now live in a very progressive corner of Northern California - wine country - but, also, pot country.  We have a medical marijuana dispensary here in town.  I am also a guidance counselor at a public middle school. with strong ties to the local high school.  Our school population is diverse and includes kids who are already using weed in one form or another.  I am disturbed that so many kids are using pot at age 12 and cutting off other options for themselves.  What constructive and valuable things could they be doing rather than hanging out on the bike trail smoking put?  However, make no mistake about it, I can see the benefits of weed,  especially with illness.  It can be soothing and relaxing and can give an appetite to those in need of food but who simply can't see stomach the sight of food.