Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That's Right, Jimmy You Did Good!

As I was gazing out of the large sliding glass door windows of my son's dining room,  I noticed an elderly man across the court yard.

He was struggling to lift a wheel chair from the trunk of his car.

It took him awhile, but he managed to get the chair out and set up.

Next, he pushed the chair over to the passenger side of the car, opened the door and with what looked like a great deal of difficulty, he helped his wife get out of the car and then helped her stand up.

Then he held her two hands and gingerly turned her around so that she would be in a position to sit down in the chair.

After he got her settled in the chair, he opened the back door of the car and pulled out a large package wrapped in Christmas paper.  He handed the package to his wife.

I watched as the man tried to wheel the chair with his wife in it; she holding onto the present, across the grassy courtyard towards the apartment that they apparently were going to visit.
She was having trouble holding onto the package and it finally dropped out of her hand.
The man picked up the gift and brought over to the back door of their host's apartment.

We had just finished dinner and there were several of us hanging out in the dining room.

I said "Look at the poor man trying to push that wheel chair across the grass."

My daughter-in-law called out to my son, "Babe, you need to go out there and help that couple."

Here is what happened next:

The woman is waiting for her husband to come back to get her after dropping the gift off.
That is my son in the red shirt going over to offer his assistance.  I guess he is also waiting for the man to come back.

Here comes the man.   Jimmy offers to help. 

They both start pushing and we are all yelling from inside my son's apartment, "No, turn her around, turn her around, it will be easier."

That's right, now you've got it. 

Looks like they are going to have to lift up the chair.

That's right, Jimmy, you did good!

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  1. All right for Jimmy and those who cheered him on.  Santa makes unscheduled stops in the "random acts of kindness" department.  Thanks for a nice way to start a morning.