Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Not So Secret Secret Gift or Ross and Costco Sittin in a Tree...

We are not exchanging gifts this year.  Well, I mean Ross and I that is.

Of course there will be presents under our tree for the grandkids and a little sumin sumin for the big kids.

But Ross and I decided not to this year.

Okay, I have to admit I found out that Ross did buy one gift.

Thinking about this makes me laugh a little to myself.

So, last week Ross went to one of his favorite stores.  Costco.   He loves, loves, loves, Costco.

Before I get to the secret that is not so secret gift, let me tell you a little about Ross and what I like to call his "Costco_isms"

The big flat screen TV's are right up in the front of the store and are the first items the customer sees as they walk through the doors.

Costco_ism  No. 1:
Re:  Big Flat Screen TVs.

"Do you believe that?"
"Look they are coming down in price."
"I want to replace the 42"that is in the living room with a 46".
"Then we will put the 42" in the bedroom."
"Oh and I want to get a 32" for the kitchen"
"But not right now."
"Just wait, they are going to come down in price even more."

Now I have to tell you he has been saying this for, umm, let's see, no exaggeration, for about 2 years now.

Another standard mention is the price of bananas in Costco.

Costco_ism No. 2
Re: Bananas:
"Even if you throw half of the bananas out, it is still worth it to buy them in Costco.  It's incredible!"

Costco_ism No. 3
Re: ButterBall Turkey Breasts:

"We should get a couple and freeze them."
"They only have it at certain times of the year, you know."

Costco_ism No. 4
Re: Flameless LED Candles

"Do you need more of these?"

Right now I have about a dozen.  I have to admit, I really do like them.  They operate on two AA batteries which are included, have a five hour time and look very realistic.

So, I always say, "well, I guess I could use 4 more."

There are many more standard Costo_isms,  but I'll just mention one more.

Re: Keurig K cups.

"They are the cheapest here.  Well, unless you have a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond, that is."

Okay back to the wink, wink, secret gift.

So after he gets back from his Costco trip, he tells me that he left one of the items in the back of the car.

I ask why he didn't bring it in.  

He tells me that he will later. Wink, wink.

So the next day, I spot him carrying this box inside.

Since he didn't bother to "hide" it in a bag or anything, and since he didn't wait until I was out or in the shower before he brought it in, and since it was too big to hide behind his back,  I easily identified it.

Yesterday, he said to me.

"I know we said we weren't going to exchange gifts this year, but I did get "us" something.

"Oh, really?"  I said.

Now because Ross is always the first one to read my posts,  I cannot reveal what the gift is.

I mean I wouldn't want him to know that I know :)


  1. I loved it the second I got to "Ross and Costco sittin in a tree."  May I be the first to guess that a box that is "easily identifiable, but cannot be carried behind the back" is a 32 inch somum somum for the kitchen?

  2. My husband will order a gift for me, (not just Christmas), and have the confirmation email sent.  He has never in history checked the email.  I always find out.  

  3. I wouldn't even try to guess what your (not this year) gift could be!  Ross is dangerous in Costco, deli's, Wegman's, etc, etc.  I can't wait to hear what it is!

  4. I just laughed out loud...question: does he THINK he is being sneaky or is the "wink wink" because he knows you know?