Friday, March 9, 2012

Ruffled Feathers of a Swan Dance

 Aren't they perfect for one another?

Some ruffled feathers.

They ignore one another as they plan to go their separate ways

Beautiful alone.

 My heart aches for someone I love very much.  Although he is facing the most distressing and painful time of his life right now, I am confident  that he will be able to handle even the most difficult of challenges.
I trust that he will soon be reunited with his most precious of treasures.
I know that his kind and sensitive heart will be rewarded with all that is good.  Of that I am sure.

My beautiful sweet daughter-in-law has a brand new blog.  She is a wonderful writer who is trying to make her way as she climbs the hills and navigates the valleys of being a young widow and single mom.
Please give her a read:
Mama Deak Speaks

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Sat. March 9 1929
Went to bank to deposit my B&L Check withdrawn.  Lunch with Jean, Peg, Edythe.  Schuberts to see George Arliss in "Merchant  of Venice".  Edythe & I went to Egyptian tea room.  Fortunes read.  Corinne, Ted, Rosalie, myself to Lowes. All stayed over night.


  1. Thoughts for your situation. I'm going to read your daughter in law's blog! Beautiful creatures!

  2. So three things:  1)  Swans are beautiful.  I love the solitary one the best.  2)  I am wondering - how does Anne get by financially?  is she or is she not married?  and all this socializing????  She must be a trust fund baby or have a rick husband..... and 3)  thank you so much for the link to your daughter in law's blog.  I read both pieces she has posted and am eager to read more.

  3. Swans are beautiful but apparently very territorial.   I have pictures of a pair of geese who wanted to share that little space with the swans.   The swans were not having it.  
    I have to confess that I have read ahead a little in Anna's diary.  I can't figure out, yet though, how she manages, financially.   I joined to see if I could research her family a little more.  I am not having much success.
    Thanks for checking out Anne's blog.  She is a remarkable young woman.

  4. Holly,
    The situation I refer to has caused a lot of sadness in our family.  Thank you for your thoughts.
    And thanks for visiting Anne's blog.  I know the support of other bloggers helps us get through some tough times.

  5. I love the swans. We had a pair passing through over the weekend. It's not very common to see them around here, but I saw them in a big pond that's at the side of the road I travel on Sunday mornings. I love driving by all the little waterways this time of year because you never know what sorts of birds you'll get to see. I look forward to checking out your daughter-in-law's blog as soon as I get a chance.