Thursday, March 22, 2012

Perhaps Hair Extensions Are The Answer

     My hair is driving me crazy.  So it must be time for a haircut.
     Every time I get my hair cut, the stylist will comment about how lucky I am to have such nice thick hair.  I hate my thick hair and I don't think it's so nice to have. Besides it's also wavy and I want it to be straight. The other thing every stylist mentions to me is my cowlick.  (I looked up the origin of the word cowlick and found out that it comes from a cow's habit of licking its young, which results in a swirling pattern in the hair.) Anyway, I think each and every stylist that has ever cut my hair uses those comments about my thick wavy hair and "let's not forget that cowlick", as an excuse to discourage me away from the hairdo that I really want.  You know, the one in the photo that I took the time to cut out from a magazine or the one I printed from some random hairstyle website.
     So because I trust that the hair stylist is an expert on, well hair,  I usually wind up agreeing that they are probably right, my hair would never look like the picture.  So, then I usually give in and ask what they would suggest.  And then they usually say "I think the best thing for me to do is take a little off the sides, a little off the back, you know just neaten it up a bit."
     Okay, so then I usually go home with my hair looking not much different from the way it looked before I got it cut, excuse me trimmed.
     So then, what always happens is that a few days later, I go to another salon and say, "cut it short, really short."  By the way, the stylist's love when I say that.  They get that look in their eye.  It's so obvious to me what they are thinking.  "Yes, yes, finally I get to do what I was trained to do, cut hair, really cut hair."
     So as a result, for 80% of my life, I have worn my hair very short.
     Actually, when I stop and think about it, I realize that my obsession has resulted in a ridiculous pattern of paying double for my haircuts.
     My obsession also means that I have am a frequenter of many different salons and a loyal patron of none.
     What prompted my compulsion to get my hair cut today was this photo that Ross took of me this morning at the breakfast shop.

Look At That Hair

So when we got home, I began my hunt for a new hairdo.  I found a bunch of hairdos on this website: There were 924 photos to look through.  Surprisingly I narrowed it down to these two:

Milla Jovovich with a Bob

Jessica Stroup sporting a short straight cut. 
     I checked to make sure that the person who cut my hair last time was not scheduled to be in today.  I called and made an appointment with a stylist who has never cut my hair.  I know, pretty soon I am going to run out of people who have never cut my hair.  When I walked into the salon, I was introduced to Jackie, my new stylist. She asked me what I was looking to do.  Before I even had a chance to show my pictures, she said, "I guess you just want me to neaten it up a bit, right?"  
"Well," I said, "I have a couple of pictures."
Jackie looked at the pictures and said, "No, no, your hair would never look like that.  Your hair is too short.  
You need to let it grow a lot before you can wear your hair like that. "
"Oh okay."  "Then just, do what you think is best."

So, I walked out of the salon looking like this:
     Well that isn't what I really look like.  I took the liberty of using the "antique" look on the photo.  It's a little more flattering. 

     Then when I can't blow dry my hair to make it look like Jackie did, I will  have to go to the new salon that just opened and ask one of the stylists to cut my hair short, really short. 

My Usual Do
But I really want to look like this:
Courtney Cox Long Strait Cut

Maybe if I took my glasses off?  Yea, that's it.  It's the glasses.  Geez!

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Friday March 22 1929
Drove Elsie down to her seashore home.  It was beautiful out and very warm.  Home about seven.  Junior stayed overnight at 360.   Mrs. Hewit, Mrs. Carr, Rae and I went to bridge.  Stuck for gas coming home.


  1. I have a horrible salon phobia (along with sporadic financial concerns) that has resulted in me getting my hair professional done perhaps a total of 10 times throughout my lifetime. I used to have my sister cut it, but it's been so long (2001) since that's been done that I've developed a little phobia about that, too. I just really don't want anyone touching my head or being so close to me--with a few exceptions, none of whom have any hair-cutting talent. Don't even ask me about the time I was so desperate to get it cut that I let Hubby do it. ;)

  2. I hate stylists like that.  I am convinced that it is more their incompetence than any real problem with cowlicks.  Geesh.  Maybe you should hit them with that one just one time.  I go in and get the same BS, and I got fed up and mean you can't cut my hair the way I want it, or you won't??  The girl started stuttering.  I got my answer. I said thank you anyways and got up and left.  You are paying for them to make your hair look nice, with the operative word you are paying them.  Good luck in your continuing war with the stylists.


  3. Too funny!  I USED to care about hair and get upset if the cut didn't go right.  Now?  Now I just avoid looking in the mirror and I know that it will grow out again and whatever.  That's the key:  Don't look in the mirror.
    BTW, my hair is fine and has a mind of its own.  I cannot do the stuff that the hair stylist does - it never again looks the way it looks when I walk out of the place.  Usually, I am just fine with that since the hair stylist person always wants to make it "poofy" (a technical term) and I always want to make it "normal".  Don't look.

  4. You make me laugh! I woke up last night thinking about you and Ross "partying and gambling" it up last night! I got so tickled! As I write this, my Bear calls from the bedroom, "what are you doing? When are you coming to bed"? It's 9:15.
    That would be 15 minutes past our usual bedtime! I can't believe what we've turned into sometimes!!
    Love your hair story! Sounds so much like mine. I have curly, wavy hair, and can never have the hair I want either!!!!! Poo!