Friday, March 2, 2012

Mexican is Always a Good Choice

Today's question is: "Would you rather make your own choices or have someone make them for you?"

     Of course it depends on what I am making a choice about.  Ross and I have a dance that we do when it is time to decide where we are going to go when we decide to out for a meal.
     The conversation goes something like this:
R: "Would you like to out for linner?  (lunch/dinner, which sounds hipper than the early bird special).
Me:  "Yea I guess so."  (dreading the next question which is:)
R: "Where would you like to go?"

     Since I am not a foodie and Ross is, I prefer that he picks the restaurant.  So after I express to him that I really don't care where we go and that he should decide, the rest of the conversation goes something like this:

R: "We could go to the Italian restaurant."
Me:  "Nah, I really don't feel like Italian."
R:  "Okay, how about a nice piece of fish.  We could go to that place on the bay."
Me: "You know I don't particularly care for fish and that place doesn't have much of a selection of other things besides fish.  No, not that place."
R:  "Oh I know, let's try that new place that just opened up."
Me:  "Forget it, it's too far and I am starting to get really hungry.  I just couldn't wait that long.  I will for sure wind up with a headache."

     At this point we are usually in the car riding around in circles.

R: "You know I am just driving with no particular destination in mind.
Me: " Just pick a place, I'm sure I will find something on the menu."

     This evening after having "the where should we eat conversation",  I made the choice.  "Let's go to El Tenampa."  Since I don't do spicy, Ross wanted to know what I would get to eat.  My response:
"I'll find something on the menu."

Ross chose hot and spicy Shrimp Diablo.  I think he was happy with his choice.

If you are having trouble viewing the video click here.
I did manage to find  something on the menu - Quesadilla, with chicken, no spice, please.   Good choice.

Generally I like to make my own choices about most things.  Sometimes a compromise is necessary.
Lately, though, it seems as though Life has made choices for me that I am not very happy about.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:
Sat. March 2 1929
Lunch at Dolly Madison with Edythe.   Went to Tacks with Jewel to select the ring.  Saw Dorothy Gish play in "Young Love" at Broad. Supper with Edythe. Confided in me about marital troubles.


  1. If only all of our choices could turn out as well as Mexican :)

  2. Yes, wouldn't it be great if life's choices were as easy as selecting items from a menu, especially in a Mexican restaurant. 

  3. I am pretty picky about what I eat.  I have to say, watching Ross eat is a treat because he gets so much enjoyment out of a meal.  As he says, dining is an experience involving all of the senses. 

  4. I probably would pick Pizza over a burrito.  But the Mexican restaurant that we go to is very authentic.  Even though it is a small place, it is always packed because the food is that good. 

  5. Anna is from Newark NJ.  I think Dolly Madison was some kind of restaurant.  I couldn't find out any info on it though. 
    That is a very funny story about your grandma.  Good for her!

  6. I wanted to let you know that I read each and every one of your comments.  Thank you for visiting my blog and  leaving such supportive comments.  They encourage me to continue to write. 

  7. This cracked me up and reminded me of when I worked at bookstore with a coworker who became a good friend. We would have this sort of circular conversation every shift about what to do for lunch--and there weren't even that many options to choose from in our little town. Sometimes we would have lunch much later than planned because deciding took so long. One morning at 9, as we were unlocking the door, I looked at her and said, "Maybe if we start talking about lunch right now, we'll know where we're going by lunch time."

  8. Oh Mexican......I do love Mexican. I have the same problem you do, though: spice. I have to watch the spices and it winds up being easier if I just make it myself.

    It's funny that Anna's diary entry mentions Dolly Madison. I don't know about where you are, but around here, Dolly Madison was a dairy that did milk delivery. My grandpa worked for them as a milk man in the 1940s. My grandma, who was pregnant when he was working there, was swollen and therefore unable to wear her wedding ring. And apparently people were much bolder (more rude?) at that time and she was often asked about being an unwed mother while riding the bus or out shopping. She used to tell them that the milk man got her pregnant.....which was true and he was her husband but they didn't know that. She got quite a few dropped jaws and snide remarks. Then she'd tell them that the milk man was, in fact, her husband.

  9. Mexican is always a good choice, both my husband and I would say.  Well, at least almost always.  Sometimes pizza seems to fit the bill.

  10. Ha!  Love seeing Ross and he makes a good commercial.  They should give you free meals for a year.   I hear myself in that "what to eat" dialogue.  Difference is neither RR nor I am a foodie - though I do have high standards.  I will not eat junk food - not for dinner (perhaps a little homemade Choc chip cookie.... okay).  I don't do fish and I don't do spicy either.  However, RR is very tolerant of me and he will eat just about anything so it works out.
    hmmmmmmm - more martial troubles in Anna's diary......