Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Dune Bunny, A Pair of Foxes and Free Shower Concerts at the Jersey Shore

So this is the real Jersey Shore.  I'm sure Snooki, The Situation and JWOWW have never been here.  Especially since they are from New York and not from New Jersey

 Three mile long road to and from the beach

It was cold, brisk and invigorating here today.

A Dune Bunny Siting

I guess Dune Bunnies can't read.

Hey who's the photographer here?

The place was lousy with amateurs.

I wonder what I would have found if I had pulled on that rope.  Probably missed my chance at some gold doubloons.

On the way out we spotted a pair of foxes. I think they are paid actors.  They were more than willing to pose for we gawkers.  I told Ross to make sure the windows were up and the car doors locked. :)  "They won't hurt you, little girl,"  he snickered.

So, as you can see Island Beach State Park is a hop, skip and jump from Seaside Heights. 8.7 miles to be exact and an 18 minute drive.

Seaside Heights is where The Jersey Shore is taped.

The Boardwalk and Funtown Pier

Only at the Jersey Shore can you shower while you see a concert. Or is it vise versa? 
Remember, though, that's only on Monday's at 7:00 p.m.

Here is today's entry from Anna's diary:

Mon March 4 1929
Home all day.  Nasty cold. Rain. Listened to inauguration of Pres. Hoover over radio today.  Very impressive.  Marion for supper.  Edythe & Clarence. had talk about E's trouble. Serious.

Click here to see the post where I introduced Anna's Diary. 


  1. I have always had a special affection for foxes--though they tend to get a bad rap in legends and lore. Love the photos as always.

    Regarding Anna's diary entry for today: it's pretty rare to see the words "impressive" and "President Hoover" in such close proximity. I wonder how Anna was feeling about him by the end of his tenure.

  2. I had a tough day today. Thank you for remembering.  

  3. We try to take advantage of the beach as much as possible.  It's the best out of season.  Almost like having our own private beach. 

  4. As always, I enjoyed the taste of the Atlantic Ocean.  Since I am bff with the Pacific, it is great to see her sister.  The foxes are pretty cool.   Nice camera!
    And I am thinking about you today as you hit your three month anniversary.  No words to go with that - simply know that you are in my thoughts.

  5. Love the dune bunny!!! And the foxes seem to be posing for you! I'm so envious that you can go to the seashore! If I were close to the ocean, I'm afraid I would just become a beach bum, and sit and watch the waves! Thanks for the mini vacation!