Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I Must Stay, That Is

The question of the day is:
Would you rather go or stay?

I have always suffered from homesickness.
As I pondered today's writing prompt I began to have an understanding of why that is.

Why I Must 
Stay, That Is

My sign is Cancer,  I like to stay
  inside my shell, that is.
I wonder why I can't go away
  away from home, that is.

I seem to always want to go
  back, that is.
By that I mean that I don't like to stay
  away, that is.

Once it was too scary
  to be away, that is.
 I had to stay
 for my mother, sister and brother, that is.

When I finally went
  away, that is.
There was a  new one
  to take my place, that is.
And then she had to stay
  for her mother, brother and sister, that is.

He told me he needed me
  to stay, that is.
And I found that I could not go
  away, that is.
When it was time for him
  to go, that is.
He left her
  all alone, that is.

She told me she needed me
  to stay, that is.
And I found I could not go
  away that is.
When it was time for her
  to go, that is.
She left me
  all alone, that is.

When he told me it was not time
  for him to go that is.
I cried for I knew that he could not
 stay, that is.
He knew that I would
  not go, that is.
For once again I had to stay
  for the mother, brother and sister, that is.

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary
Friday March 15, 1929
To N.Y. to shop for Gladys' coat.  She bought two one for Sunday another for school.  Today is my Michaels birthday. Thirty-one years of age and gone forever.  Went to church to say a Rosary for his soul.

[Now we know that Anna is a young widow.]  


  1. Hi Dani,
    Thank you for your interest in my poem.  I am flattered and would be honored to have you mention it in your April 20th post.  :)

  2. wow, Lynda! i am sitting here with tears rolling down my face ~ so touched by your words and the emotions flowing from them. i just came to your blog from NaBloPoMoSoup and learned from one of the other comments on this post that you do not write much poetry? one would never know when reading it. this is stunning!

    i couldn't find an email address for you ~ my name is dani {not a boy} and i would love to feature your poem on my blog  my heart’s love songs in a post i will be doing April 20th on women poets as part of my featured poet series in celebration of  National Poetry Month. {i only show the first few lines of a poem linking back to your blog post.} if  you are interested, please email me at myheartslovesongs (at) gmail (dot) com. thanks!

    either way, i LOVE this poem!

  3. And that fits my definition of poetry - creating images with words - but not too many words

  4. Thanks, Lucy.  Yes, Anna has become a little bit of an obsession with me.  I am trying to research more of her.  I have actually found out where her husband lived when he was a young boy.  

  5. Well, it didn't start out to be a poem.  I was just sort of jotting phrases down as they popped into my hand.  The story of my life in shorthand is more like it.

  6. Thanks Kathy.
    I am trying to venture out a little, though.  A whole world of wonder just waiting for me to discover.

  7. Thanks Holly.
    I am even more curious about Anna now, too.  I have been trying to research her on  I want to find out more about her husband.  But so for not too much luck.

  8. I loved your poem....I would love to do something like that with words. I just found your blog from NanoBloMo and am fascinated by Anna's diary. I look forward to reading more!

  9. That was amazing. I so love reading your blog. You are so thoughtful. 

  10. Tender poem, Lynda - I thought you said you couldnt' do poetry?  Obviously you can.....
    and I am a stay person too.
    Interesting discovery about Anna - makes her more real.

  11. I always get homesick too. There really isn't anywhere like home! Lovely blog!


  12. Love your poem!!!! Writing is so theraputic!!!
    That's my reaction to Anna's diary today.