Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Ventured Out of the House and Had A UFO Siting

This afternoon, Ross and I took a ride over to the bay.

Even though it was chilly, it was beautiful by the water today.

I wanted to see what that green thing sticking out of the water was. 
I think Ross said it was a speed bump :)
Okay maybe that's not what he said.

Across from our vantage point we spotted a UFO (Unidentified Floating Object)

We drove over to the other side for a different view. 
How do you like these Condos right on the water, each with their own dock?

The walk way leads to the pool and tennis courts.

And the Gazebo

We spotted the UFO heading back in.

Ross said it was a duck blind. I'll take his word for it.

Docking Up (that's duck hunter boater talk)

I guess he was the fetcher.  Notice he is in camo too.

The interesting sights you see when you venture out of the house.


  1. Yes, it's nice to go out and discover all these interesting things around that might enlighten and entertain us.  Great job in presenting your observations and capturing the scenes!

  2. My favorite picture is that of the gazebo.  Never did such an exotic word as gazebo, live up to its expectations in the form of the resulting structure.  I have pounded nails extensively on octagon structures, I taught sixteen years in octagonal classrooms, and someday, I will build a gazebo, somewhere on my twenty acres, preferably amidst a manzanita grove, where the smell of the blossoms is intoxicatingly overwhelming, transporting me back to Fellowship Street, where we used to sit inside a tunnel formed by twelve-feet-high blackberry bushes.  The fragrance permeated every pore of our young skin, and we would lie in the still summer air of SoCal, and just drift.  JT will back me up on this.

  3. Nannette Turner SaundersJanuary 11, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    Love how the dog is in camo too.  I've never seen a duck blind up close and personal.  I would have not known what it was.  Nice day for a stroll.

  4. Lynda!  This is awesome!  Love the photos!  My favorite one (and it's hard to choose one) is when you first see the UFO.  And, I appreciated the vocab lesson - I've never seen a duck blind either - but the camo stuff on the water takes the cake for REALLY????
    And, yup, Mark is right about the tunnel inside the blackberry bushes and the fragrance is unforgettable.