Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Day I Passed on the Pink High Heeled Boots and Big Red Hat

Ross and I share a guilty pleasure.  We became aware of our common interest shortly after we started dating.  At first we would only do it occasionally, maybe a couple of times a year.  But, as with all guilty pleasures, the exhilaration we experienced when we did it made it more appealing.  It soon became an obsession.  We found ourselves addicted, thus needing a fix more and more frequently.

Now I have to explain that in order for the activity to be effective, the number one requirement is that many people have to participate.  In fact the  more people there are the more thrilling it becomes.

We became part of a group known as the regulars.   We began to become very familiar with certain individuals.   We knew what they liked and how far they would go to get what they wanted.

The activity is usually highly advertised.  We would have no trouble finding locations, dates, and times for when the next one would take place.

Usually we would stay somewhat local.  Sometimes, though for a change of pace,  we would travel hundreds of miles to participate.  Even though the faces of the people at the far away locations would be different, there was something familiar about the people.  They had the look.

On the way to, we would be talkative, excited, and we couldn't wait to get there and get going.

The ride home, though was quite different.   After a promise to each other that "this is the last time," we would both be quiet.  Each of us silently feeling the guilt.

Slowly we began to notice that our obsession seemed to be taking over our lives.

We were even forced into a hasty and radical move.  But we had no choice, we needed our space.

About two years ago we started to cut down on the number of times we participated.

But by that time, the toll it had taken on us was quite evident.

You see Ross and I are were auction junkies.  We each started out as collectors of "stuff".  He had his interests and I had mine.   But really when I look back on it, it was probably the action of the auction that was the real motivation.

Seven years ago on January 1, 2005, we attended an annual auction.   I bid on and won 3 items.  I paid $25 for all three.  I sold one of the items on eBay for $3,500.   That was all the taste we needed. We were hooked.   Within a couple of years we found that we were attending three to four auctions a week hoping to score that next find, the big one, you know.

By that time we had started to accumulate so much stuff that we filled an attic space, a storage closet and the stuff had started to spill out into our office.

So we sold our townhouse and purchased a bigger place.

Within five years of the move every inch of our new garage was filled with "stuff".

Even though we were renting space in an antique mall and selling on eBay, the buying was so out of control that we would not live long enough to get ahead.

Two years ago our whole world changed and we suddenly realized that our "stuff" was very unimportant.   That's when we began to cut back on our buying.

This past October, we called our friendly local auctioneer.  He came and took it all away.  He emptied out our garage and our space at the antique mall.  Our "stuff" will be auctioned off next Saturday, Jan. 7.
by Legacies Old & New, Inc.

It was such a relief and a load off of our backs as well as our minds.

But sometimes old habits die hard.  So, On January 1, 2012 we attended the annual New Year's Day auction.   I have to say the thrill of outbidding your competition is still there.

Here are some photos of the day:

 The Regulars

Ross eating the obligatory pre auction bagel, provided by the Island Heights Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.
The auction is underway.  Notice the Knitter

I was tempted by those Lady GaGa pink boots, but controlled myself.

I really wanted that red hat, but since I didn't get the boots, I figured "what was the point?".

A set of five vintage Justice League comics sold for $600.00 

And Ross Scores!  

A framed 1913 stock certificate from the Banana Du Rio Grande Nicaraguan banana company.

The significance of which is that he read the book "Banana: The Fate of The Fruit That Changed The World".  So of course he had to have it. 

If you are so inclined, you can find it on Amazon.

Auctioneer Jerry Manganello, from Jersey Shore Auction Service  is one of the best. 

I have to admit that at one point I did get carried away with the bidding.  I came home with 10 lbs, no really 10 lbs, of costume jewelry.

The ride home was not quiet.  There was no guilt.  
And there was the promise to each other that we would do it again, one more time, on January 1, 2013.


  1. I have ONE thing I got carried away with, and I'm still not sure how to get rid of it. Let me know if you have any idea how to get rid of a 1895 ivory Chinese doctor doll. With certificate of authenticity from a royal family in China. Approximate value $500.  And...I'll probably get - maybe $2-300 for it?  Who know...I'm sure I don't. Good luck with your purge!

  2. Nannette Turner SaundersJanuary 3, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    I love an auction.  I love a good deal.  I thrive to find a bargain.  I have not been to an auction in a while.  I need to change that.

  3. I'm similar in that I love a good deal like that...however, I've never been to an auction. I'm not sure it would be a good idea for me to go to an auction because I'd probably wind up buying "stuff" and we've already got a problem with "stuff" at my house (thanks to my grandparents - they were very clean hoarders). I do love antique stores and pawn stores and buy & sell shops, though. That's kind of been curbed with Little Man, though...he's at the stage where he grabs things and doesn't understand that he's not supposed to do that. Oh well......someday, he'll be old enough :)

  4. I enjoyed the build up in this piece!  Before you declared that you were auction junkies, thought you were headed towards yard sales (or garage sales or tag sales - whatever they are called in your part of the country).  I know people who will spend their precious Saturday hours going from yard sale to yard sale, looking for good deals.  More power to them but I would rather stay home and read.
    I will say that the mister enjoys Antiques Roadshow on PBS and I will always enjoy watching along with him for a few minutes.  I like the historical info that often comes with that program.  Great program for people watching too!

  5. I took a break from working, and found this piece.  What a delight, with the proper build-up of suspense.  I understand your cutting down on the auctions, but how COULD you ever have passed on the hat and the boots?

  6. What did you see to make $3500? Hope you get back some of what you paid for the things you're auctioning this weekend. Keep us posted!