Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Dry Town - But Oh The Pizza

Yesterday, I did not leave the house.   I felt as though I should have at least stuck my head and big toe out the door, especially since the weather has been spectacularly sunny and unusually mild for a January in New Jersey, but the day and I seemed to drift on by without so much as a hint of fresh air.

Today, though, my body, heart and soul desperately needed a change of pace and scenery.  The day promised to be another beauty.

So, with spy cam(era) in hand we headed off to do some sight seeing and people watching.

Destination: Ocean City.
Ocean City is a Jersey Shore beach community located in Cape May County.
I am positive that neither Snookie or the Situation would choose this location, simply because it is a dry town. The town boasts that since there are no bars or restaurants that sell alcohol, the party atmosphere is kept to a minimum.
There are liquor stores located at the foot of the bridge on the other side of the city, including a “Super” Liquor store, which is a huge warehouse near the 34th Street Bridge.
According to the Jersey Shore Guide
"Vacationers are welcome to bring alcohol to their weekly rentals and enjoy their vacation. But the citizens of Ocean City feel that without the element of alcohol readily available, it makes Ocean City one of just a few towns along the Jersey Shore that does not have to deal with rowdy bars, and unruly visitors who are inebriated."

Nope you definitely would not find any member of the Jersey Shore crew in Ocean City, NJ.

The wonderful boardwalk, though, is chock full of all the typical sights, sounds, and especially smells that you would expect to find.
Of course, at the end of January it is a lot quieter than it is in the middle of the season.

 But, along with Ross and me, there were people out and about enjoying the day.

I guess they want to be first in line for their vanilla and orange cream twist.

She is taking home two pizza's from the famous Mack & Manco's.  Ohh, those pies smelled so good.
In the summer time, the wait line for Mack & Manco's is many people long.   We were too lazy and it was too cold to walk all the way down to the other end to get a slice.

There were even people on the beach.

Okay person on the beach.

And a gull.

Today was just what I needed - my camera, the boardwalk, sand, sun and fresh air.

Here are yesterday and today's entries from Anna's diary.

Mon. January 28, 1929
Went to Louise with her policy.  Lena not well.  Going to the hospital for observation.  Ted came over to get a check for her cash to pay her school tuition.  Very cold out. 

[Anna has a younger sister named Teresina.  Perhaps Ted is her nickname.]

Tues. January 29
Downtown. Met Frances for lunch at Bambergers.  Home early. Mrs. Walker and Helen stopped up.  Frances and Michael over at night.  Brought a cherry pie. 


  1. I love what you do with your camera!  I am inspired on so many levels  I wonder if your gull friend knows my gull friend?  I attempted to upload a very similar photo taken on a California beach last summer..

  2. Oh, it didn't work -- which reminds me, I attempted to make a comment on an earlier post of yours but it wouldn't take - well, maybe I'd better go back and check..... in the end, maybe it did add the comment again and again and again (since I tried several times....)

  3. The rocks in front of the lone "sun bather" look interesting. Glad you had a good day, you deserved it.