Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Marigold Scarf Will Make Me Smile

Life continues to challenge us.  It was one of those darn phone calls.  At least this one came at a reasonable hour.
It riled us up.  We are full of energy and ready to give it our all. We will do the research so that we are prepared.
At the end of the day we are exhausted, but find it hard to fall asleep.  It is the first thing we think about when we wake before the sun comes up.
We saw the warning signs.  We are angry but not surprised.  We are afraid of the craziness that we know lies ahead.
Experience has taught us that we can be swept away.   Our mantra has to be "we can't let this take over our lives."
We must remember to respect boundaries and be mindful of our limitations.
Phrases like, "it'll work out" just don't seem to apply, not now anyway.  But in time we know it will work out most likely for the best, we hope.

I bought the loveliest  yarn today.    It is Cascade 220 Yarn. The color is marigold.
I'm going to make a pretty scarf for myself. I'll wear it around the house and maybe  even to Curves.

Marigold makes me smile and scarves are cosy and keep me warm.


  1. A marigold scarf sounds like the perfect salve for a "darn phone call... that leaves us  angry but not surprised."  Good therapy, that.

  2. Have you chosen a pattern? I look forward to seeing you draping in marigold. Remember to just ..... breathe.... <3

  3. It's a luscious color. I hope the scarf and the making of it provide you with much-needed comfort and distraction.

  4. Yo go, Lynda - marigold is such a pretty color.  I've actually been weaving variations of it into my painting this month - it adds some warmth to winter work.  You also seem to have all the stuff down about how to deal with those kind of phone calls -- including doing what you need to do to take care of yourself.  Post a photo of the scarf (using that new camera) when you finish it, okay?

  5. PS  - I like the photo at the top.  Curiosity compels me to ask, how do you do the special effects?

  6. I have a program on my MAC called Adobe Photoshop Elements.  What I am using is in the Artistic effects folder and is called "cutouts".