Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lake Barnegat, What a Nice Surprise

Ross is a foodie.  Me, not so much.  Therefore, he does most all of the food shopping.  He shops at Costco and Shop Rite.

But his most favorite place to shop is the The German Butcher.

The German Butcher is quite a local phenomenon.  But the reason for the success of Wolfgang's establishment is quite simple.  Good food at reasonable prices.  He is a full service butcher shop.  His bakery department is outstanding.  He offers take out dishes that are really home made.
He has a little cafe where he serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Most days the place is packed, but the service is quick, courteous, and efficient.

The lunch menu.

The cafe section.

One of the other things that Ross almost always does is the driving.  He says he enjoys driving.  Me, not so much.

He also likes to vary his routes, especially to places that he frequently goes.  Every once in a while he will make a left turn instead of the usual right turn,  just to see where it will take him.

A couple of days ago, he told me that on his way home he took one of his left turns and discovered a pretty little lakeside community right behind the German Butcher.

As I was feeling pretty low yesterday, Ross suggested a ride to Barnegat Lake.  We have lived in this area for nearly 10 years now and we never knew about Barnegat Lake.

Barnegat Lake, central New Jersey

Barnegat Lake is on the North Branch Forked River in Ocean County, New Jersey and is used for recreation purposes. It has been been there since 1937. It has a normal surface area of 74 acres. It is owned by Township Of Lacey.

Barnegat Lake Dam is of earthen construction, a gravity dam. Its height is 18 feet with a length of 850 feet. Maximum discharge is 900 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 600 acre feet. Normal storage is 400 acre feet. It drains an area of 15 square miles

The kids got me us a new camera for Christmas.  It takes awesome pictures.

Barnegat Lake - January 16, 2012

 Sea Gulls and Geese Sharing a Little Piece of the Ice

 I love this little red lakeside cottage.  I want to live there.

 After all of that crisp, cold, fresh air and picture takin' we were hungry.
And since we were right around the corner from the German Butcher we stopped in for lunch.

I had the Cheeseburger Sliders.

Ross likes the Chicken Parmesan.  

By the way, the portions are so large that we always leave with a take home box.

Lake Barnegat, what a nice surprise. 


  1. I think my DH is kind of like your Ross. Since he "retired" (read was laid off in 2007 and never went back to work) he has become the food shopper. He has a favorite Russian Deli, a couple of farmers markets and a couple of grocery stores where he shops. He also likes to explore. Unlike me, who just wants to get where she's going, he likes to take the path less traveled. When we took a road trip to Astoria Oregon last summer I did most of the driving and had fun turning right towards the coast as we made our way home on the coast route. Need to be more adventurous while I still can. Bet the lake will be fun to visit this summer.

  2. Isn't it great to have a favorite restaurant that you can rely on to provide the perfect atmosphere for your excursion?  I like it when Annie and I go to our favorite spots, and the staff recognizes and greets us accordingly.  And I don't have to do the dishes after our meal.

  3. I LOVE the photos, Lynda!  The second one after the birds is my favorite although the birds one is very cool too.  What kind of camera is it?  I would also LOVE to have a German Butcher place in our town!  We have a nice little spot that does fresh Italian and a terrific burger and we have a to die for Mexican place (not TOOOOOO spicy, please).  There are a couple of high end places that are touted by the tourist rags but I cannot afford to eat there.

  4. The camera is a Canon PowerShot sx40HS.  I know zero about photography, so I just select the auto setting and take the picture.   This camera has all sorts of gizmos that I want to learn about.  My favorite feature is the 35x zoom.  Great for people watching and taking candid shots.   Sort of like an amateur paparazzo.  

  5. Lately, blog-hopping has been giving me a serious case of camera-envy. Everyone has been posting such gorgeous photos my "need" for a decent camera is reaching a fever pitch. Glad you had a nice visit to the lake.