Monday, January 9, 2012

We Finally Did It, Joe - Oh and Ross, Quit Calling Me - I Told you I Can Hear You

My son, Joe, was on top of everything technological.  He had an eclectic taste in music and was, I am sure, among the first users of Napster.  Anne found a Thumb Drive in his car filled with thousands of songs, There was enough music on that drive for him to be able listen to songs for days on end without duplicating a single one.   What a nice gift he left her, his music.

He had the iPhone as soon as it came out, followed by, the iPad and then the iPad2.

It was Joe who Ross and I would go to for advice on how to do this or that and what the latest and neatest gadgets were.

Now, I am not saying that Ross and I are that behind the times.   We have our toys too.  We each have iMAc desktops, Kindles, iPods, the iPod touch, and the iPad.

Where we were lacking, though, was our phones.  Ross was still using his Motorola Razr that he purchased in 2006.  I upgraded two years ago, but still did not have a smart phone.

Joe kept asking us when we were going to get iPhones.

Yesterday, that's just what we did.   We headed over to the Apple store.  Going to the Apple store on a Sunday was probably not the best choice.  It was a mob scene.  But, they sure do know their customer service.  There was plenty of staff and we didn't have to wait very long for our guy Dominic to help us.

Dominic was a nice young man.  He was very patient with us and spent at least an hour going over all the options that were available to us.  Then, once we made our decision he spent another hour "training" us on how to use our new phones.  While we were chatting with Dominic he happened to mention that he was born in 1975,  the same year as Joe.

As I looked at this young man, trying to maintain my composure, I  could not help but shake my head and again wonder "why?"

Yesterday, we went phone shopping with the intention of  upgrading our phones.
We walked out with the two new phones, cases for the phones, a MacBook Air and an AirPrint printer.

Joe would have been so proud of us.

Last night:
I am settled and snuggled in bed for the night.  I have my crocheting, and am watching the first episode of the new season of Downton Abbey.
I kept getting interrupted, though, by my bedside home phone ringing.

Me:  "Hello?"
Caller:  "Can you hear me?"  "How do I sound?"  "Is it clear?"
Me: "Quit calling me, from the den on your new iPhone, Ross."

A few minutes later:

My bedside phone rings again.  Instead of picking it up though, I yell loud enough to be heard in the den,  "I'm not answering that!"


  1. This reminds me of my husband and I Skyping each other from across the room.

    This is my first time reading your blog, and I want to say that I'm so sorry for the loss of your son.  Praying that you and your family have peace.

  2. It kind of reminds me of my husband and I writing on each other's Facebook walls while sitting a mere two feet apart. Why we don't talk? Oh, we were....but we were also on our computers. *sigh*

  3. Keep that iphone close to the bed, Lynda.  Maybe Joe will call you in the night to tell you how proud he is of you and Ross.

  4. Isn't it nice when new technology gives us a new means (and another excuse) to drive each other crazy?