Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Rest of The Stories - Deja Vu All Over Again

Here are some updates to previous posts:

Everything But The Kitchen Sink:
We had our new faucet installed.  It looks nice and best of all it works.   What I like most, though, is that we also had a water filter installed.  So good-bye to the 4 Brita pitchers we used to keep filled at all times.  Two in the fridge and two out on the counter.   It’s wonderful to be able to get a glass of water, fill up the tea kettle and pasta pot right from the tap.

Scooting Around Town:
I decided to give Curves a “just one more month" chance.  I have stuck to that promise. If I go tomorrow, I will have been there three times a week for the past month.  The women and the conversations are still the same. But,  I am getting some form of exercise and physically feel better.

Just Wait, Just You Wait:
This one has to have its own post.  Basically,  I’m still waiting.

Mean Girls in Fourth Grade?:
So, apparently the girls have all made up and want to be best friends again.  One of the girls has invited Bella to her birthday party.
Bella asked her mom to unBlock the girls so that they could start texting each other again.  Jen said no.
I have mixed feelings.  I understand that constant drama is something that girls seem to thrive on.  For me it is a trust issue.  I wouldn’t want Bella to get hurt again.
But, Bella is young and still naive enough to be able to give second and probably third or maybe even fourth chances.

The Other Linda:
Well, I had to return a few items.  I refused to go back to that same location because I just couldn’t deal with the Other Linda again.
We drove a little further, but it was worth the extra few minutes because I had a more pleasant experience.  The sales staff gave me just the right amount of attention.
After we left the store, we decided to take a stroll around the mall.  I couldn’t believe what happened next.
As we were leisurely window shopping, a woman across the way was motioning for us to come over to her.   She was standing in front of one of those Kiosks, holding up a packet of something and saying “free gift.”  I shook my head no and wanted to keep walking.  She persisted.
Okay, so I have to explain a little bit about Ross here.  He is a very curious person.
He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “why not” and went over to the woman.
I didn’t move and stayed where I was, which was a safe distance away from her.    I watched for a few seconds while she and Ross were talking.  Ross finally waved to me to come over.
This woman, her name was Chana, was an even more impressive salesperson than the Other Linda.
Her pitch was perfect.  Not a note out of tune.  It was purely symphonic.
She amazed us with her demonstration of the product.
 “Hold your two hands next to each other. Do you see the difference?”
She was right.  There was a difference.  Wow, I thought! Ah Mazing!
“Okay, I’ll take one kit,” I said.
“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed,” she said.
She put the kit in the bag and started to ring up the sale.  But, wait…
“Can I ask you one question?”
Something So Appropriate About The Name
“Uh, okay”  I said.
“Do you know of anyone else who might like one of these?  Because I am running a special sale. Just for you.  Just for today.  You know because of Memorial day.”
Before we walked away, now with three kits in the bag, Chana wanted a group hug.  Darn, another missed selfie opportunity.

Hmm, so I guess Bella isn’t the only one is who still young and naive and too gullible and trusting.


  1. Ewww. Kiosks. And group hugs with a kiosk stranger? No. I'm sorry for you.

  2. The faucet looks great.

    Well, Bella will learn the hard way. Or maybe her "friends" have learned their lesson. It's hard to tell at that age.

    1. Who knows, maybe Bella and her friends will actually become friends.

  3. Somehow I had missed the original post about The Other Linda. I've read it now. That is so annoying. I like to be acknowledged when I am shopping, but otherwise left alone. I want the clerk to be in the general vicinity in case I need something, but I cannot stand it if they follow me around. Strictly commission is just not the way for the store to pay! The Other Linda's behavior was very off putting. I do not blame you at all for going to a different location for your returns. I'd have done exactly that!

    1. I’ll tell you, when I found out how much in $$ these people have to sell in order to make about $300 a week, I was a little more tolerant of the Other Linda’s tactics. Obviously, not enough, though, for me to want to deal with her again.

  4. There are incredible sales people out there; I'm not one of them. I am glad that Bella's friends have resolved their differences; I can only hope it stays that way.


    1. I try to remind myself that these sales people are just trying to earn a living. Like the annoying solicitor phone calls. If I think about who is really on the other end of the phone, I can be a little more tolerant.
      Yes, for now Bella is doing okay.

  5. My fourteen year old granddaughter has issues like this everyday. And she is so much more tolerant and forgiving (gullible and naive) than I am. So usually after they have been nasty and mean to her she returns to being the BFF of the moment. I hate seeing her get hurt over and over and over and over....but hopefully one of these days she will get it

    1. That’s how I feel. I don’t want Bella to get hurt. But like you said, hopefully she will figure out what a real friend is.