Friday, May 9, 2014

Just Wait, You Just Wait.

I don’t remember what the ad was for but I remember how it made me feel.
The scene featured two women sitting in a waiting room.   My impression was that they were sisters.
The one woman looked worried.   She said, “This is the way it started with Mom.”
The sister, trying to re-assure her, replied, “It’s only a test.”
A nurse came out and took the woman into another room.
She had been able to be strong for her sister.  But now, sitting there alone, waiting for her sister to finish with the test, she whispered under her breath, “It’s only a test.”  This time she was trying to re-assure herself that her sister really would be okay.
Obviously, the two sisters had already been through a similar situation with their Mom.   It was also apparent that the outcome had not been a good one.
The ad touched me because I empathized with those women.
I have been the one having “just a test” and I have been the one re-assuring a loved one that everything was going to be all right.
Last week I went for an annual physical.  I expressed concern to my doctor about a few troubling symptoms I have been experiencing.  After he examined me, he said that he was fairly certain that I was fine.  Then came the but.  “But, lets run a few tests, just for your peace of mind.”
After I left the doctor’s office I went right to the lab to schedule the test.  The earliest appointment they could schedule me for was in two weeks.
Sometimes I think the waiting can be scarier than the test.

So, while I’m waiting I walk around the neighborhood taking photos of whatever I happen to find interesting.
Yesterday, I found this guy hanging at the edge of the Carp pond.


  1. Saying a prayer for you asking for peace for you during this waiting time and for good test results.

    1. Thank you. I will take those good vibes with appreciation. :)

  2. I had an annoying pain...had oscopies and ultrasounds that cost a bunch of money, and after negative results, the pain is going away.

    I think blogging is bad for your physical health. A lot of bad posture and too much sitting. I hope your symptoms just go away.

    1. I have a feeling that stress and grief may be at the root of many of my discomforts. I have chosen writing instead of pharmaceuticals. It has helped me cope, express myself emotionally and is a wonderful mood booster.
      Gee I hadn’t thought about blogging being bad for my physical health, though.

  3. I'm sure it's nothing. Keep telling yourself that, and it will be fine.

    1. Thank you Liz. I actually believe that it is nothing.

  4. I liked that bird. Not that I'm an expert, but I have been typing medical reports for a long time and worked in doctors' offices. If he was really concerned about something, you wouldn't be waiting for a few weeks to get your tests done, you would be probably directed to the emergency room to get admitted to have the workup or he would have found a way to get you worked in sooner for them. It is hard though to wait and to allow the mind to work into all those negative circumstances it is going to, so having said that, try not to worry (too) much about it.


    1. Hi Betty,
      Thank you for your encouraging words. The doctor really did not seem too concerned. I believe that he actually was ordering the tests for my peace of mind.