Monday, May 5, 2014

Scooting Around the Town

It was cold and damp a good part of this last month.  Old Man winter was not letting go.
So far, though,  May has been darn right spring like.
Today the sky was so blue that I decided it was time to venture out of the house and scoot around town.
This morning I went back to Curves.  I haven’t been there in, well probably not since winter set in or about a hundred years ago.
I went today for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I am paying $39.40 a month whether I go or not.  I have been feeling rather guilty about that and I just couldn’t ignore it any longer.
Second, I see that I am starting to get squishy and mushy.  I hate when that happens.
I really don’t like to go to Curves for a couple of reasons.  First, since I always go at the same time, between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. I see the same women who also go at that time.  I’ve been going to Curves on and off (mostly off) for the past ten years.  Individually and as a group we have gotten larger, in size, not in numbers.  That’s discouraging.
Second,  individually and as a group we have gotten older.  As I went around the circuit, catching snippets of conversations, I realize we have also gotten grumpier.   That’s annoying.
My preference would be to plug my ear phones in and listen to my choice of music.  But, the way Curves works is you have to listen for the every 30 second announcement to “change stations.”
I listened to complaints about Obama Care, and warnings about how “things are going to get much worse.”  Another pair exchanged stories about their knee replacement surgeries.  The two women who came in about 15 minutes after I did, were talking about “that younger generation.”
However, I am going to diligently try to commit to three times a week for one month.
Then I will make a decision about whether I want to hand in my Curves resignation.

When I got back home, not feeling as invigorated as I had hoped, I decided that what I really needed was an appointment with my hair dresser.
What I found out at the salon was that “selfies” would not be allowed at graduation this year.
Also, girls are ordering their prom dresses from China and they are not getting them.
Another thing I learned was that the girls who were buying their dresses locally were guaranteed that their dress would not be sold to another girl who was going to the same prom.
I guess it’s like a wedding or baby registry, the stores maintain some kind of a list.
I felt less squishy and mushy after getting my hair done.  The conversation was more interesting and I felt more in touch with “that younger generation.”
I figure if I quit Curves, I can go to the beauty parlor more often.

On the way home,  I drove by the restaurant that burned down two years ago.  I saw a “Coming Soon” sign.  I was a little disappointed to see that what was “coming soon” was another strip mall.
Well, perhaps one of the stores will be a Yarn Shop.  I can dream.

Oh, one other thing I found out today, our town is participating in Meridian Health’s campaign to “Paint the Town Pink.”

"The month of May, from May 1 to June 1, 2014 Meridian Health with the help of our Pink Towns will raise awareness of the importance of annual mammography.
Also money raised from this effort will go towards helping those women who can’t afford mammograms to be able to get them. 
 For the month of May our town of Barnegat will be known as Barne“pink”gat.
The whole town is pink.

I declare my hibernation to be officially over.  


  1. About the prom dresses, I read a desperate plea from a neighbor (whom I didn't know) on our neighborhood Facebook page for ideas about where to find a prom dress in a week since her daughter's dress, which they had ordered, was not going to be in. Believe it or not, she and I hooked up, she took my daughter's two gorgeous, like-new dresses and her daughter tried them. They both fit and she chose one and the mom was delighted with my price of $75. Win-win! And about that guarantee of no two girls at the same school having the same dress, it doesn't always work! The girls at our school started a Facebook page to show a picture of their dress to help make sure that no two had the same. That's how we discovered that my daughter and another girl had the same dress and that Dillard's hadn't managed to log both of the girls' dresses from our very small school. We exchanged for another dress and the crisis was averted!

    Also, maybe I need to get my hair done! I'm feeling a bit squishy too.

    1. I think it’s a great idea to “re-cycle” these dresses. I know they are expensive and are probably hardly worn. I have forgotten how exciting and important proms are.
      Yes, getting a new do is a definite attitude adjustment.

  2. I like to exercise outside. I haven't been the Y in a while.
    I'd like to see a Barnes and Noble "coming soon sign."
    I cut my own hair recently...not the best idea!

    1. One my favorite things to do used to be browsing Barnes and Noble. Now, I browse Amazon for Kindle books. It’s just not the same.
      I was on the verge of cutting my own hair. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t.

  3. Is that a beaver in the picture? That's cool! That was kind of sad about Curves, so maybe it is more of a social club and less of a work out place if people are getting squishier. I do like the idea of the prom dresses log so to speak so the girls don't show up in the same dress. While at my age it wouldn't be devastating, for a teenage girl it could be.


    1. Betty, the animal in the photo is a woodchuck. He/she lives in the catch basin across the street from our house.
      When I first heard the conversation about the prom dresses, it reminded me of how “important” prom matters are. Even though it was a long time ago, I still can recall the excitement of it all.
      I think Curves promotes the social angle. I can sort of understand the theory. It’s like having a group of work out buddies to motivate you. But, for some of the women socializing is the main focus.

  4. I registered at a gym 5 months ago and have stuck to my aim of going at least 3 times each week. I have a hectic life and gym time is my quiet me-time. I have avoided the classes, especially after I heard one group loudly discussing the "joys" of living in a care home and another group that was literally trying to persuade someone that life was still worth living.

    1. Good for you for keeping up with your exercise plan! I do feel so much better when I work out.
      I am seriously thinking of finding another place. I have heard some rather disheartening conversations also.

  5. I recognize those women you describe at the gym. They suck the fun out of life. What should be a time to destress becomes a cause of anxiety. It's hard enough to get up the motivation to go to the gym. I'd never go if I had to look forward to all the Debbie Downers.

    1. “They suck the fun out of life.” That’s funny, but so true! My motivation is usually how good I feel when I exercise regularly.

  6. Maybe you need a new gym. Although, they did make for an interesting blog post.

    1. I know, right. I’m always looking for new material.

  7. We have a curves in our town and I have often thought of joining but you just talked me out of it. I don't want to listen to anything but my music. I want to go to a gym that caters to women....women my age, not those skinny little things that prance around in skin tight yoga clothes and don't even break a sweat when they are running on the treadmill. And I can't even begin to get started talking about teenage girls right now since I have one at my house that is causing me chest pains...

    1. It’s been a while since I have had to deal with teenagers. I have 6 grandchildren. Five boys an one girl. All under the age of 10. If you are a social person, (I’m quite shy) then Curves is a good place to go. I think that’s why the regulars keep on going. I have to tell you, you most likely will not see “skinny little things” prancing around in Curves. They seem to cater to a more mature woman. Perhaps it might be a good distraction for you.