Monday, May 19, 2014

The Other Linda

It’s that time of year when I go through my closet and try on clothes from last summer.
Boy, doing this was a shocking reminder of how much time I spent being a couch potato this last longest of winters.
Ugh,  I grew a whole size bigger.  Nothing fit me from last year.  This meant that I needed a completely new summer wardrobe.
Oddly enough Ross likes to shop with me.  We went on Saturday.  It was quite an experience.
I was accosted by the most aggressive sales woman I have ever encountered.
She approached me immediately.    She asked if she could help.  I said no and told her that I was just browsing.  I had a pair of capris in my hand.  She asked if she could put them in the dressing room for me.  I said no and told her I wasn’t ready to try anything on just yet.  She then asked me what size I was looking for.  I told her what my new size was.
She introduced herself and asked me my name.  She expressed delight when she discovered that we were both Lynda’s.
She then proceeded to gather items in my size that she thought I might like.
I started to show some interest.  And that’s when she reeled me in.
The next thing I knew I was being held captive in a dressing room, most of the time in my underwear, while the other Linda constantly brought things for me to try on.
Now, I should mention here that Ross was also looking for pieces for me to try on.  It was double trouble.
Linda’s MO was to take away the things that I absolutely wasn’t going to buy, and put the things that I “might” like to have by the register.  She was good!
After a solid hour, I had had enough.  I should have taken a selfie right before I left the dressing room.  My hair was standing on end and I looked like I had just finished a marathon of one kind or another.
By the time I got myself together, put a comb through my hair and exited the dressing room the other Linda was ready to ring up my purchases.    I gasped when she told me what the total was.
Ross was not very helpful.  He kept saying things like, “Do you like it?”  I would say yes.  His response was, “It looked so nice on you. So, you should have it.  You deserve it.”
I’m sure it was just my imagination, but I swear I caught a glimpse of the other Linda gleefully smirking and wringing her hands while Ross was doing his best to convince me I should keep all of the items that were now wrapped and bagged.
I wondered if the sales staff at this particular department store worked on commission.  The way the other Linda worked, that certainly seemed to be the case.
I googled that very question and discovered that indeed the sales people at that store worked strictly on commission.
At first I was a little taken aback by the other Linda’s tactics.  But, I have to give her props.   She works hard for the money.


  1. Whenyou first started describing your adventure at the store, my first thought was "they work on commission". Still it does seem a bit aggressive. I'm thinking if you find yourself in that position again at that store, you are going to stay clear of Linda. I don't like the concept of comission; bonus sounds so much better but do a base salary; takes away that aggressive factor. I think I might have walked out, I'm a reluctant shopper at best and anything will "set" me off and leave the store; this definitely would have. (but on the upside, you did get summer clothes :)


  2. It’s funny I have a few items that I have to return. I’ve decided that I will take them back to another location just to avoid Linda.

  3. Have you ever been to JJill? Their clothes accommodate weight changes. Pure Jill and the Wear ever collections...I'm going off the top of my head.

    1. JJill is a favorite store of mine. I like their stuff!

  4. That might make me leave the store and go elsewhere. I prefer to be left alone when I shop. But nice that Ross likes to shop with you.

    1. I thought about filling out the survey that they gave me. But, I figure the woman is just trying to make a living. It was really up to me to say something to her right then and there.
      I am pretty lucky that Ross is a shopper. I know most husbands would rather not.

  5. I, too, like to be left alone when I shop. I would have probably left. But I am glad you go a bunch of new clothes.

    1. I have to learn to be more assertive. I wonder if I can do that at my age. Yeah, having new clothes is cool.