Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Not So Perfect Three Cheese Omelet

November 7, 2013
Here's what it looks like this evening at 4:45.


My iPhone outgoing e-mail situation has been resolved.  (See yesterday’s post if you're interested.)
I Googled the issue I was having and I found out that during the upgrade to ios7, in certain instances, some mail program settings were not kept intact.
In my case, specifically it was the SMTP outgoing mail server settings.  I use Comcast mail.  I had to re-enter my password and change the port the program was using from 25 to 587 under the SMTP settings on my phone.
I'm not sure what any of that means, I only know that after I made those changes I was able to send mail from my phone.

I'm pretty bummed out.  Actually I feel like a complete failure.  I am probably not worthy to continue on with my participation in NaBloPoMo.

Well, let me explain.

This morning as I was having my leisurely cup of tea, eating my Cheerios with banana, playing Words With Friends, and reading my e-mail, Ross was cooking his breakfast.
An omelet with three kinds of cheese.
He has a certain routine when he makes his omelet.  The tossing of the shells into the sink after each of the three eggs is cracked open.  The 1960's red pyrex bowl he uses to scramble up the eggs.  He likes  the Calphalon Nonstick 8 inch skillet and only specific utensils.
I can't say that I am sure of the exact order of things, but judging by the way he conducts the business of omelet making, I have concluded it's serious business. There's no fooling around here, ya know what I mean?
So, I wasn't paying much attention to the master chef this morning.  As I said I was into my own compulsive routine.
That's when I heard the crash, followed by the swearing.  By the time I looked up, the Calphalon Nonstick 8 inch was upside down on the floor and not quite formed omelet egg was running down the front of the stove.
Oh and Ross was at the sink, his thumb under cold running water.
"What happened?" I calmly asked as I picked up the egg laden throw rug.   He muttered something about being burned by a wobbly piece of cheese.
I didn't understand.  I asked him to explain.  He said he was just about to lay the third piece of cheese, (that would be the cheddar, the third one is always the cheddar in a provolone, swiss, cheddar omelet) onto the bubbling beaten egg and just a touch of milk mixture when the cheese got away from him. As he went to firm up his grip on the cheese his thumb hit the handle of the Calphalon Nonstick 8 inch and flipped the pan up into the air and...well you know.

So here is where my blogger status is in question.  I missed a perfect, absolutely perfect "A picture is worth a thousand words" photo op!

I mean picture it, "Ross look here, say cheese!"

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