Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finding Your Color Through Therapy

I have decided to participate in the National Blog Post Month for November.  That means I am going to be posting each day in November.

November 14, 2013
Photos taken at around four pm.

Today I had one of the best therapy sessions I’ve ever had.  I almost didn’t go.  I had an upset stomach and I didn’t feel like leaving the house.  But I had an appointment and I am not one to cancel at the last minute.

While I sat in the waiting area, I again had second thoughts about whether I was feeling well enough to be able to get through the next hour.  I practiced my controlled breathing and soon lost myself in a meditative state.  Okay it wasn’t exactly a meditation, it was more like trying to clear all the jellies so that I could move up to the next level in my Candy Crush game. 
I was so engrossed that I didn’t hear my name being called.  I think it was the third attempt to get my attention before I  came out of my reverie. 

So as I sat across from Judy, she asked how I was.  I grunted, grimaced, shrugged my shoulders and said “eh.” 

“What’s going on?” She said.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t much feel like talking.   I tried to avoid the question by asking her how her recent get-a-way vacation was. 

After a few more minutes of small talk, in a firmer voice, she once again asked me how I was doing, how I was really doing. 

So I gave in told her all about “what was going on”.   She made the appropriate hmmm’s, ahh’s and I understands.

Judy has a way of making me feel comfortable.   I trust her judgement.  I think that’s because she has confided in me that she has been through similar situations.  

She has the ability to lead me down a path that I hadn’t thought of taking.  She had some really good suggestions today on how I could make the next couple of weeks more bearable. 

The hour went by quickly.  My stomach felt better, and in fact I was actually hungry. 

Yes Judy is the best therapist I have ever had and a pretty good manicurist also.

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