Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spectacular Sunset Photos and iPhone IOS7 Issues

November 6, 2013
4:45 P.m.

Sunsets have been pretty spectacular lately.

I have decided to participate in the National Blog Post Month for November.  That means I am going to be posting each day of November.

We went over to the island for breakfast this morning.  It’s quite nice this time of the year.  The tourists are gone which means we didn’t have to wait for a table.    Afterwards we went up to the beach.   We saw a few fishermen but otherwise the beach was empty.  The sun was warm,  the skies were cloudless and the water was softly blue and green.  
I forgot my camera, but I did have my iPhone and got some great shots.  When I tried to e-mail the photos to myself, my iPhone complained and spouted out an error message.
It was then that I realized I hadn’t sent any e-mails from my phone since I upgraded to IOS 7.
How frustrating.  I’ll probably spend hours tomorrow trying to figure that one out.

In the meantime, I did a quick tutorial on the iCloud and was able to fetch these photos.

One-hundred and fifty dollars later - Update on the chirping smoke detectors.  

Lou the electrician replaced all four units late this afternoon.  Thank goodness because it just wouldn’t be the same if the smokes didn’t howl every time Ross cooks.  


  1. Did you know you can upload a Blogger app to your iPhone and write posts from there? I don't know what to tell you about the email issue as I had no issues sending emails once my phone updated. Of course, you could just plug your phone into your computer and upload photos the "old fashioned" way.

    1. Thanks for the tips!
      I do have the blogger app on my phone. It's not the easiest to use because of the tiny keyboard.
      I figured out the email issue. I'm going to write about the solution in today's post. I try to avoid my phone into my computer as much as possible.