Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taking to My Bed With Spinning PinWheels in My Head

I haven’t been feeling up to snuff the past couple of days and have been kind of blue.  The crummy, gray and rainy weather isn’t helping much either.
Right now it’s about 4:30 p.m.   I have a headache and have decided to be dramatic and Victorian and “take to my bed”.
It’s not a usual occurrence, for me to “take to my bed”... this early that is.  Most times I at least wait until the sun goes down.   Today, though, in the early, early evening, my bed is comfortable and comforting.  My red, green and yellow afghan, the one and only one I ever made specifically just for me, is soft and cozy.
I think I need a rest from the pinwheels that are perpetually spinning in my head.  So, before I give in and take an Imitrex and before Rico discovers he isn’t under foot (that would be my foot) and before Ross comes to check up on me and before I nod off and my head starts to bob on the keyboard, which may lead to some form of nonsensical poetry written in a foreign outer blogosphere language, here are yesterday and today’s entries from Anna’s diary:

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Wed. June 12, 1929
Took Elsie out for a driving lesson.  Home all day.  Gladys brought invitation for her graduation exercises to be held Friday at St. Vincent’s.  Jewel & Rick stopped in.
Thurs. June 13, 1929
Took Elsie out for a lesson.  Did fine.  Luncheon Bridge at Mrs. L’s in Tuxedo Park, South Orange,  Mrs. B, Mrs. C, Mrs. A, Mary, Mrs. N., Anges.  Baby at 360.  Very warm all day.

[Information about Tuxedo Park, in South Orange NJ.
Tuxedo Park
 Characterized by 1920's colonials in an all-American neighborhood setting, Tuxedo Park offers a convenient location to town and trains. The homes in Tuxedo Park tend to be on a smaller scale but still offer architectural details of the early 20th century. Located south of South Orange Avenue, close to downtown, NYC trains, parks and Seton Hall University, location is a draw for many Tuxedo Park residents.
From the website Midtown direct homes, here are some examples of houses in the neighborhood, Tuxedo Park, that Anna may have visited that day:


  1. Sleep tight!  Sometimes taking to one's bed is exactly what needs to happen.  If it were gray and gloomy and rainy here today, I suspect I would crawl under the covers and read.  We are enjoying unusually balmy weather for June - sunny, warm days and cool, clear nights.    Even so, taking to my bed in the sunny bedroom sounds good too - to read and nap!

  2. Hope you  are feeling better soon!


  3. It has been raining and cool here for quite sometime and it is not normal in NYC  to be so cool and dismal in June.. It doesn't help the mood.   Hope you are feeling better!!