Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spying on the Backwards Walker From My Front Porch

We live on the main drag in an “Active” adult community. Friday, we moved our  LLBean Adirondack chairs from the back patio onto our front porch area. If we get bored with summer TV re-runs, we find that we can amuse ourselves by sitting on our relatively private front porch and observe the goings on right out in front of us.  

So I took my laptop and my camera and Rico, my constant companion, and I watched and waited for something cool to happen.

Lots of cars whizzing by, not obeying the strictly enforced 25 mile an hour speed limit.  I don’t know who the enforcers are.  I’ve never seen any.  Actually I take that back.  I did see a couple of local police officers on bikes a while back.  I guess the township police figure a young guy on a bike would have no problem catching an old guy in a Lexus.
So I hid behind the bushes (not really) and took this video.  I’m pretty sure no one in my community reads my blog.  Well, I know one person does, but I don’t think she will reveal my identity.  Hmmm, maybe I should have asked these people to sign a release, just in case the video goes viral. *

*For some reason Blogger would not let me upload my video directly.  Therefore, I had to load it from YouTube.  YouTube finds it necessary to direct the viewer to other video clips once the original video has been viewed.  If you have strayed after watching my video, you must click refresh to get back to this post’s video.

By the way, the guy walking backwards actually does walk backwards.  Well, he starts his walk walking forwards, but on the way back he walks, well, backwards.  Actually it makes sense doesn’t it?

We planted flowers on Friday.  Actually I call it Fawny food.  She has already had her fill of my purple daisies.

But, she hasn’t discovered these yet

I found Bigfoot foot prints under the tree.
Suspicious Foot Prints

So wadya say Reeks, time to go in now?

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here are the past few  days entries from Anna’s diary:
Friday June 7, 1929
Junior and I went to Mrs. A.’s for lunch and bridge.  She had twelve guests and Junior for her little girl Alice.  Had a very lovely time and won prize of two beautiful handkerchiefs.
Saturday June 8, 1929
Slim came home today.  Received bad news about Catherine A.  Her sweetheart Walter passed away and she is taking it badly.  We are all so grieved over it.  God rest his soul.
Sun.  June 9, 1929
Baby 360.  Went to Roxy’s with Helen & Ceclie.  Took bus ride along Riverside Drive.  Home 9:30.  A beautiful day.
Monday June 10, 1929
Loretta Simmons came for lunch.   Went to Chiropodist [ a specialist for care of the feet].  Marion came for supper.  Slim stayed over night. [I think Slim is Anna’s brother.]


  1. I've never heard the term "chiropodist"....podiatrist, yes...but not chiropodist. Oh well. You learn something new every day.

    The video is interesting because it shows how much goes on. I suppose if I were to record what goes on around here, it would involve kids walking to the school (which is across the street), kids walking to the bus stop, and idiotic people that decide it's perfectly fine to do 40 in a posted school zone (where it's 15). And they never get caught. ::sigh::

  2. I think the video is cool!  We live on kind of a main drag in the neighborhood here too.  I wish our kitchen table looked out on the front of the house instead of the back as we would get to watch the world while cooking and having meals.  The living room couch does give us a view of the sidewalks  and we do have a front porch on which I could sit for a spell.  Might have to try that!
    and Baby360?

  3. Yeah,  I like living on the main road here rather than on one of the circles or cul-de-sacs.  
    Anna’s mother and father’s address is  #360.  Anna leaves baby at her parents quite frequently.  So Baby 360 means the baby is staying at her mom and dad’s.

  4. I had to check the word Chiropodist to make sure I was reading Anna’s handwriting correctly.  I looked it up and found out it was indeed correct. 

  5. Boy, you are on the main drag! There's alot of action at your place. That backwards walker is fast! I wonder how long he walks backwards at that pace? Your flowers are beautiful, as well as the lovely, well fed Fawny. I put some hair clippings from a hairbrush in my garden to keep my fawnies out of my vegetables.

  6. Thanks for the tip about the hair.  I am definitely going to try it!