Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aye Yigh Yigh Enough With the Rambling Already

It’s Wednesday morning.  Since we live on this side of the street, the side which has even numbered houses,  Wednesday is one of only three days that, due to watering restrictions, we are allowed to water our lawns.  What I mean to say is that the sprinklers, which are on a timer, are scheduled to sprinkle twice a day on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Therefore, on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:15 a.m.,  I am awakened by the sprinkler/alarm clock, which, BTW has no snooze button.
Once I am awake, that’s it.  No falling back to sleep for me.  My morning routine(or as I like to refer to it my MR) is basically the same everyday, it’s just that in the summer sprinkler season, on SWF my MR starts a little earlier, that’s all.
This Wednesday morning, after my MR,  I have settled in what I call My Room.  I am curled up in a wing back chair with ottoman, the ottoman is there so that my feet don’t dangle.  They dangle cause they don’t reach the floor because I’m short.  I found this out last month when I went to the doctor for a physical.  The scale/ height measurement thing said I weighed blah blah blah and my height was four foot 10 inches tall.  Sad, I never made it to five feet.  When I was fully grown, back in the day, and someone asked me how tall I was, I would stand as straight as I could and proudly say four feet 11 and three quarter inches. My sister, Johanna says she is five feet one inch tall, but uh, I don’t think so.  Bella keeps trying to measure herself next to me. “Look, Grandma, last time we measured I came up to your chin, now I am up to your nose.”  Bella is eight.
But, ah, I digress.  (I’ve been hanging around Roxtor too long.)
So that’s how come today, Wednesday sprinkler day, I am writing this post, curled up on my wing chair with non dangly feet at 6:00 a.m.  Now, normally when I write my blog, I pretend that I am having a conversation with myself.  I generally don’t acknowledge you.  You know, you, the readers of my blog.
But my sweet Anne, mentioned my post in a tweet yesterday and I had a quite a few extra visitors.
Darn, I forgot where I was going with this.  Is my brain shrinking also? Maybe I need to switch to caffeine instead of weak green tea, especially on summer Wednesday sprinkler days.
Oh, yeah, I thought I would show you what it looks like as I am blogging this morning.  Here I am looking all serious.  Why the hat?   First, it’s a cold morning down here, near the Jersey shore.  Second, my head and neck hurts and the hat helps.  And third, it’s to show off the green hat I finished. Ugh, I can’t stand looking at myself.
Here is my blogging partner.  Not an inspiration by any means, but he is always where I am, always!

This is my desk.  I have been trying to draw that box of tissues for weeks now.  I never sit at the desk.  I just like to look at it cause I think it is cool.  I also have tried to draw the desk.

Here is my wing chair with ottoman.  My weak green tea in my blue mug is sitting next to me on the table that Myra gave Ross many years ago.  I like that table cause it was cut down for some reason and it fits my short self perfectly. My tea was the perfect temperature this morning.  That’s how I judge whether I am going to have a decent day.  Sometimes I let the tea brew too long in the mug and it gets “too cold”  On other days, I don’t let it brew enough and it is "too hot”.   But today, today, “it was just right,”  baby bear.
I face a window.  I think the view out of the window is the neighbor’s bedroom or bathroom window. I don’t know for sure because I have never been in her house.  Anyway I tried to draw that window in a window.
Today, the sky is brilliant blue, no clouds.  This room is pretty bright most of the day.  I don't know what direction it faces, cause I think I suffer from Williams syndrome .  I once wrote a post about why I think I have WS.
I have to hurry and finish this post because soon…oops too late.  Here he comes.  Let me explain.
Ross also has a MR.  He sleeps later than I do.  The sprinkler/alarm clock must be set at a higher frequency because apparently he doesn't hear it.  So, one of things on Ross’s MR is to come and find me, give me a kiss, ask if I am blogging (?) and then ask if I am ready for breakfast.  I say yes, no.  Then he asks if I have had my tea yet. Uh, blue mug, it’s right there.  Okay he’s gone.  He said something about coffee and reading the newspaper.  Oh yeah, he always takes Rico for his morning walk.  The Rico walk comes after the kiss but before the blogging, breakfast and tea questions.
Ross says that he is my Fang.  That is a reference to the comedian Phyllis Diller’s husband who apparently provided Diller with quite a lot of material.
After I publish, Ross will ask, “Are you published?”  I will nod and he will stop whatever he is doing and read my post.  I love that guy!  BTW, Ross, I am doing an hour on the treadmill, so breakfast will have to wait.  Or maybe I could do the treadmill after breakfast, but then I most likely will fluff it off and I already didn’t do it for two days.  Because I know the next question you ask is going to be “So what do you want to do today?”
Aye yigh yigh, what happened to me this morning?  Maybe I did grab the black high test tea this morning.

Hopefully you all made it to this point.  Anyway before I go, (Did, I just hear a loud “whew” from the crowd?) (Hah, crowd, that’s funny.) (Now what is the proper way to parenthesize a triple aside?) I do want to give a serious shout out to Anne, my daughter-in-law.  She was mentioned, in an article yesterday by Bruce Ryes-Chos and I am quite proud of her.  She is a beautiful writer and deserves the honor. 

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here is today’s entry from Anna’s diary:
Thurs. June 6, 1929
Baby to 360.  Went to N.Y. shopping with Edythe.  She bought two dresses and velvet coat. I bought black & white ensemble to wear tomorrow.  Jewel came over.  Stayed all night.


  1. Love your blogging partner!  I want one!  

  2. Whenever you want to puppysit…

  3. Thanks for sharing your MR!!!! I have one too!!!! I have a couple actually, depending on the day of the week! Love your hat!!!! And sweet pictures from yesterday!!!

  4. I commented, it went to the moderator. So I may say this twice! Thanks for sharing your MR! I have one also. Or a couple actually, depending on the day of the week. Love your hat and your partner! Also like the sweet pictures from yesterday!

  5. Thanks Holly.
    Even though I swear I am not a routine type of person, I guess we all find little rituals that become routine.