Saturday, June 2, 2012

But Then She Flew Away

I was watching them from up above.  
I heard her whisper in her small big sister voice.
Walk softly.  Be very quiet.
 I wondered what she would do.
 If she got up this close.
But then she flew away.

And so did he.

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.

Here is today's entry from Anna's Diary:
Sun. June 2, 1929
Peg, Ann, Jean, Junior and myself drove out to Hackettstown to see Flo.  Jam of traffic on way home so we decided to stay overnight.  Had a midnight supper in kitchen.

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  1. What a sweet post, love the small big sister voice. Love the egrets. We have them here some. They come to eat the flies and sit on the cows backs sometimes.