Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Listening to Hear the Quiet Strumming

Today I want to be quiet.  I want to find a place where there are no sounds.  Is that possible?  
The keys make a soft spongy noise as I type.   Running water from the tap, cupboard doors opening, then closing, and the flap, flap, flap of Splenda packets, are the clammer of Ross's coffee making ritual.   Rico growls and complains because he does not want his medicine.  Chirping birds call back and forth to each other, saying the same things they said yesterday morning.   If I listen too closely, I will hear the ever present murmuring, humming motor sounds of pumps, and fans and sprinklers. Rico announces the arrival of Tuesday's Route 5 garbage collection.   Ross calls out, "I'm going now, see you later." The squeaky front door announces his departure. 

Photos make hushed memory sounds.

Photos make time stop and quietly stand still.

Joseph                                                                                 Domani

Photos whisper about the past and chatter about the future.

Photos make it possible to take flights of fancy and freeze them in time.

Today I want to be quiet.  For if I listen closely, perhaps I can hear the quietness of my Joe strumming through the sounds of silence.

I have created a page for Anna's Diary.  It can be found under the Tab titled Anna's Diary.
I have posted all of the entries to date there, starting with January 1, 1929.
Here are yesterday and today’s entries from Anna’s diary:
Tues. June 4, 1929
Home all morning.  Mary phoned in afternoon to go to see Grandma M.  Tom on vacation.  Brought Grandma to see bank and then here for supper.
Wed. June 5, 1929
Kearney Club met at Pegs.  Had fried soft shell crabs and hot biscuits.  She has a wonderful cook.  Home for supper.  Edythe stopped to ask me to go to movies after supper. 


  1. Awesome post!   Loved all of your photos . . . so warm and lovely.

  2. I am in awe of Lynda's ability to express herself in both words and pictures on her blog.  This is my first comment, since Lynda started blogging, more than a year ago.  She is able to write with such grace and tenderness.  Whatever, I might write, just can't explain how I feel about her or her posts.  This was beautiful! 

  3. Lovely pictures!!


  4. I agree Ross.  Lynda, you have such a way with both words and photos.  I always look forward to what you post.  You are tender and thoughtful and you make me think.  Thank you for that.  I thought about you several times today, knowing that this must be a hard day for you.  xoxoxoxo

  5. Thank you for your support.  Yes.  Yesterday was a tough day.  It was spent mostly in silence and knowing looks.  However, at around 4PM, Lynda expressed a keen desire to go to for ice-cream.  This pulled us out of the doll-drums.  We went to Stewart's for cones.  On the way back, Lynda did make a special request for a stop at Bruno's Meat Market for Pastosa's ravioli.  After we got home, Lynda immediately went to work making he "famous" (in this house) tomato-eggplant pasta sauce.  Two hours later, we kept to our pseudo-diets and each had three ravioli.  Things always look a little less dismal after a good meal prepared by your sweet-heart.
    After re-reading this, I now know why I don't post.
    Thank you, "graciewilde", for the support you give Lynda.

  6. Dude!  I want you to comment more!  You re-read what you posted and WHAT?  you don't like it? Geeeezzzzzzz  - What kind of example are you setting, mister?  :)
    Ah yes, a good meal,  preceded by ice cream - yahoo -- how about going to the ocean for ice cream with your sweetheart.  Now, that's nice too.