Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Who Done It? No, No, Don't Tell Me"

I like listening to audio books.  Listening, rather than reading,  allows me to multi-task.  I can knit, or play "Words With Friends"; read my e-mail or check out facebook and twitter.

I have been  listening to "The White Lioness" by Henning Mankell for about a month now. This is the fourth book in the Kurt Wallander Swedish detective series.  It is 17 hours long.  

I first discovered Wallander through the PBS Masterpiece Mystery series.

I am having trouble getting through this book.  It doesn't matter when, where, or what I am doing,
 it seems that whenever I pop in my ipod earphones, and turn on this book, I immediately fall asleep.

  I have been stuck on chapter 7 for what seems like forever.  I will fall asleep, wake up about a half hour later and have to re-wind back to the beginning of chapter 7.

It has gotten to the point that I will recite the words along with the narrater:
      "At dawn just before he woke up, Wallander had a dream that one of his hands was black.  He had not put on a black glove, it was his skin that had grown darker until his hand was like an African's."

I have not been able to get much further than that.

It is true that these books are not fast paced.  Occasionally there might be a car chase or Wallander might get knocked on the head.  But for the most part it is the angst of the main character,  his relationship with his daughter and an overbearing father, the author's descriptions of the bleak Swedish landscapes and Wallander's turmoil over his monotonous unrewarding police work that is appealing to me.

Last night I had trouble falling asleep.  So, I decided this would be a good time to listen to my book. True to form, I must have immediately fallen asleep.

I'm not sure what chapter the narrator was on when I woke up at around 4:30 a.m.  I just remember pulling out the earphones, turning over and falling back to sleep.

So if I ever get beyond chapter 7 and happen to guess "who done it" before the end, will it be because I am a good detective or will it be because it was revealed to me while I slept and is stored somewhere in my subconscious mind?

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